RV Camping in Beautiful Cathedral Gorge NV

RV Camping in Cathedral Gorge NV

Cathedral Gorge is along U.S. Highway 93, just one mile from the tiny farming and ranching town of Panaca, in beautiful Lincoln county, Nevada. It has been a popular local picnic area, as well as a dramatic backdrop for open air plays and Easter celebrations, since the area was first settled in the 19th century, and Cathedral Gorge became one of Nevada’s four original state parks in 1935.

dry camping water tower at cathedral gorge The Civilian Conservation Corps built the distinctive stone water tower, the stone picnic area that is still in use, as well as a stone restroom,

Boondocking Safety Tips for Women

Boondocking Safety Tips for Women

The idea of RVing and boondocking alone can be intimidating, especially if you’re a woman. As a woman, you must be armed with both experience and common sense, but in most places, RVers and boondockers are friendly and neighborly, just good people who are there to enjoy solitude and nature, just like you.

However, there are some basic steps you can follow to ensure your solo boondocking is safe and enjoyable.

Make sure your RV and tow vehicle are in good shape; check the air in the tires, …

The Advantages of Van Life

van life

Why living the van life? Vans absolutely do not have the homey comforts of an RV, such as a bathroom or a kitchen, but it’s cheaper compared to an RV, it’s easier to park, and you can go places a big rig can’t. Below are some tips to make life as a van dweller more comfortable.

Van dwellers absolutely need a system to keep things organized, in order to keep the living space inside the van useable. You must make your van something that’s liveable and useable for …

RV Boondocking Rainwater Collection

rainwater collection for RV boondocking

I have a simple set up to collect rainwater off the roof of the motorhome while boondocking. During a recent desert storm, that lasted half a day, I collected around 25 gallons in 6 blue buckets. I could have collected more, if I had the storage!

After collecting the run off, I filter it through a ceramic gravity fed filter. I’ve changed it since the video, from a Katadyn filter to a Zen filter, because the Zen filter has a lower profile, making it better for stacking the blue buckets …

10 Tips for RV Water Conservation While Boondocking

water conservation while dry camping

Many newbie RV dry campers may be disappointed to find that their fresh water only lasted two or three days, because they used it as if they had an unlimited supply, like at their house, or a full hook up campground. But there are tricks to making your fresh water last longer, allowing you to spend more time boondocking, and less time worrying about dumping and filling tanks.

The general rule of thumb is, 3 gallons of water per day, per person, for drinking and washing, but you can make it …

Why Are So Many Fulltime RVers From Montana and South Dakota?

full time rv

If you’ve been in an RV park, you may have noticed what seems to be a disproportionate number of South Dakota and Montana license plates. The truth of the matter is, they are not really from Montana or South Dakota, but have established a residency and registered their vehicles in those states, for a number of reasons, mostly economic.

Montana for RVers

Montana has no sales tax on RVs, making the purchase cheaper, and the vehicle registration fees are relatively low; this makes registering an expensive vehicle like an RV in Montana a …

Tips for Fueling Up Your RV

full time rv travel

Pulling into a gas station in can be a high stress ordeal for newbie Rvers; the challenge is maneuvering such a large vehicle around in a small space. If you drive a truck camper or a class B van, then most any gas station will do, but the bigger your rig, the more you need a gas station designed with big rigs in mind. And those of you pulling a big 5th Wheel, you need to keep an eye out for low clearance roofs over the pumps.

The best option for gassing up …

Utah’s Spectacular National Parks

RVing in Utah

Bryce Canyon

The National Parks of Utah have some of the most surreal and other wordly landscapes in America, and rightly belong on the “must see” of any RVer. Magnificent and towering red sandstone cliffs, deep, wooded canyons, unusual rock formations and ancient petroglyphs attract visitors from all over the world to Utah. Below are the five national parks in Utah, all definitely worth a visit!

Zion National Park

If you come into Utah from Nevada, Zion will be your first national park to visit. There are three campgrounds inside the park, …

What RV City Slickers Need to Know About Small Town America

rv living

There are a few things people who live in cities take for granted, such as the availability of cell service, free cell service, banks and ATMs, different types of food, supplies and restaurants. Below are some tips to help you city slickers navigate small town, rural America.

Money and Plastic:

If you live in a city, you may not think twice about using your debit or credit card for every purchase. Not so in small town America; many small, family owned RV parks do not accept debit or …