What Are the Emotional Challenges of the Fulltime RV Lifestyle?

fulltime rving

Fulltime RVing can involve some unique emotional challenges, especially if you have an extroverted personality, or very close to your family or community. Many of these challenges can be overcome, but if you’re considering the RV lifestyle, you need to know what to expect emotionally. By knowing what to expect, you can be prepared.

What Are Some of the Common Emotional Challenges?

Missing friends and family is probably one of the most painful emotional challenges, and along with this goes missing special events and occasions with family and friends.

Meeting with new people. Ironically, because you miss your family and old friends, you may be drawn to connect with people on the road, but be unsure about who, and how …

Boondocking Basics

boondocking RV basics and safety

First, let’s define boondocking: RV camping out in the “boonies” (nature) with no designated sites, hookups, or facilities.

Newbie RVers can have many fears and questions about boondocking. This isn’t the typical RV park experience! Some common questions and fears are, is it safe? How do you find boondocking spots? How long can I make it on my water? Will I smell if I can’t shower every day? Will my RV get stuck? Let’s go over a few of the basics!

How Do You Find Boondocking Spots?

Most boondocking spots, officially called “dispersed camping” on government websites, are on public land usually on Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. One of the easiest ways to find dry …

Things to Check When Buying a Used RV

The Roof

One of the most important checks you can make on an RV is the roof. A leaky RV roof can cause massive damage, often unseen. A leaky roof can cause rot inside the walls, weakening the entire structure, and also cause unseen mold, which can make you sick. These problems are usually very expensive and time consuming to repair. Before you climb up on the roof, check the ladder for loose screws or cracked rungs. If you don’t feel comfortable going up on the roof, get someone who is.

Things to Inspect on the Roof:

Pull up vent covers, and look at the seams underneath.

Check all seams and joints for cracks. Check the roofing material for damage …

3 Easy Steps to Keep Our Free RV Overnights

boondocking at WalmartBack in the good old days RVers, could park just about anywhere, without getting told to leave. Unfortunately, too many RVers have overstayed their welcome, leaving trash, and even dumping their sewer water on the ground. As a result, city ordinances against overnight RV parking are enacted every day, leaving less areas for us to park. Don’t contribute to jeopardizing free camping privileges. Be respectful! If you can mind your Walmart boondocking manners, you can help avoid having another free overnight parking place get closed down, and denied to the RVing community. Here’s how you can help keep these free camping spots open for us.

No Trespassing!

Whether you’re pulling into a Walmart, or parking in a vacant lot behind …

Is It RV Friendly? Use This Indispensable Tool to Choose the Safest Route

For more than 20 years, the Mountain Directory books have been an essential guide for both truckers and RVers, with over 700 mountain passes and steep grades. MountainDirectory.com now offers this information not only as printed books, but also three digital versions; eBooks for Windows and Mac computers, and apps for Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads. The eBook and app versions are downloaded onto your devices, and you do not need to be online; they will work anywhere, with or without a cell signal.

You can consult the Mountain Directories when planning your travel route, in order to avoid steep grades, and save your brakes. The Directories contain essential road information such as:

  • locations of
  • 7 Pieces of Advice for Stress Free RV Living

    After fulltiming for a while, you will learn a few things. These are a few RV lessons you may want to learn before you hit the road.


    Take it Leisurely

    Sometimes you need to be somewhere at a specific time, but generally, your travel should be leisurely. To really enjoy RVing, you need to be able to stop when you want, where you want, and driving should be stress free. You can follow the 330 rule; stop when you have driven 330 miles or it’s 3:30 in the afternoon. (You can also adjust that to the 2:30 rule, or 1:30 rule) The idea is to arrive while it’s still early enough to get set up, settled and explore, before …

    EMP Protection For Your Tow Vehicle and RV

    Vehicle Micro-circuitry & Computer Chips Will be a Problem During an EMP

    First of all, most of the tests performed by the government and by private companies have conclude that most vehicles, pre-1990, will be largely unaffected by the EMP. The engine and mechanical parts of a vehicle will remain intact, however, the computer ignition systems and microcircuitry that controls much of a vehicle’s internal functioning could be fried instantly. If the engine is fine, but it won’t start because the chip in the ignition is fried, well, the result would answer the question.

    The evidence to suggest that most cars will probably be OK during an EMP comes from a study done by the EMP Commission, specifically done …

    Is Your RV Bug Out Worthy?

    What is a bug out vehicle (BOV)? What does “bug out” mean? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, bug out is slang for “to depart especially in a hurry.” A bug out vehicle can quickly evacuate you and your family or from a natural or man made disaster, as well as away from areas of civil unrest.

    A bug out vehicle will give you a greater ability to evacuate or respond to almost any emergency; everything from hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, nuclear reactor leaks, civil unrest, and terrorist attacks. If you think the government will be there in a few hours, or even a fews days after a disaster, think again; it may take as long as a …

    RV Boondocking Tips & Tricks for Newbies

    boondocking RV tips and safety

    Nearly all RVs are designed to be self-contained for camping, but new and off the lot, most RVs are not going to last more than a few days without hookups. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you boondock more efficiently. Below are some very useful boondocking tips and tricks.

    Parking the Rig

    If you have solar panels on the roof, park your rig so they get full sun for most of the day. Remember, when boondocking, it is much easier to heat the RV than to cool it down, so also try to aim your large windows to the north or east. Using Reflectix on your windows to shield from the heat of the sun can be essential. …