Can You Tow Your Car 4 Down?

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With two wheeled tow dollies and four wheeled trailers, almost any car can be towed behind an RV, as long as the weight of the car plus the weight of the trailer or tow dolly doesn’t exceed the motor home’s recommended towing capacity. But towing wth a dolly or trailer isn’t very popular; first, there’s the expense of purchasing and maintaining a trailer or dolly, then there is the storage space those additional conveyances require when not in use. Also, there is the extra work …

Suzuki Samurai Death Wobble Solved! Bent Rims!

See my nice new rims! Best of all, the car now drives like a car, not like a Flintstone mobile!

Rust Doctor on my 87 Suzuki Samurai Fulltime RV Toad Car

Rust encapsulation, trying to be a good car owner, and make this old gal last another 27 years! The info said it was supposed to transform rust, but really, it seems like it encases it in plastic.

Pin Stripe Eraser Removing Stripes from my RV Dinghy Car

Magic eraser for racing stripes! Took maybe an hour, or 1 1/2 hours. This does wear down, my car is little, a bigger car or boat (or RV) with lots of stripes would require more than one of these.

DIY Rustoleum Paint Job for a Car Suzuki Samurai Fulltime RV

Amazed and entertained the neighbors! No one had ever seen a woman painting her own car! Turned out good, but I do need to wash off some white residue from the rubbing compound. Also, that metallic paint has a lot of glitter, which makes it a little rough, but not bad for about $70. BTW, it took about 12 cans.

Tow Bars for my Suzuki Samurai Fulltime RV Dinghy Car

The guy who sold this to me lied! It was never set up to tow, not legally, anyway. Yet more expense!

Checking Fulltime RV Brakes and Tow Master Hitch Drama

Just checking the brakes, and some drama concerning the hitch, which was resolved.

My New (2Me) 1987 Suzuki Samurai Fulltime RV Dinghy Car!

These are oldies but goodies…. highly desireable for towing and as rock crawlers. She’s doing good for an old gal, 68,000 original miles, runs good, shifts fine, tires good. Took it to the mechanic for an oil change, has some leaks here and there, must keep an eye on the fluid levels. The rear brakes needed the whole 9, also got the transmission and differential grease changed. It may need some new shocks, and I’m going to do a rust treatment underneath, and give it a You Tube Rustoleum paint job, so stay

1987 Suzuki Samurai Steering Death Wobble at High Speed

The verdict was it needed a new steering dampener, and and bent rims. Got some new rims, much better now!

87 Suzuki Samurai + Bent Rims = Death Wobble!

Apparently, the previous owner was playing a little too hard with his toys, and damaged the rims (so the tires are thus, not exactly round) Ordered new rims, not as pretty, but far more functional!

Hitching My Fulltime RV Tow Car

Practicing, practicing. Not hard, but not as easy as it looks.