Staying Connected Online From Your RV

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If you are traveling, and especially, if you like to go boondocking off grid in your RV, you often won’t have cellphone service, or an internet connection. That is a simple fact. In order to optimize your chances of getting cell service while on the road, and while off grid, most fulltime RVers go with Verizon or AT&T, because they have the widest coverage, as well as the strongest signals. Check your area coverage maps for all the cell providers in your area, …

Wilson Sleek WiFi Booster for Fulltime RV Life

Had to get a new Wilson, my old one did not do 4G LTE. Working good, and very “sleek” and small! Brings up the bars, and speeds things up. Of course, there needs to be a signal in the first place, it can only amplify what is there.

Fulltime RV Wifi Internet and Phone

I have a internet hot spot, which runs on the Verizon network, with 20 GB of data for $89 a month. I had a Sprint smart phone, which is great in the cities, but doesn’t get a signal most places, so I got a Verizon ‘dumb phone’ for $49 a month, since the hot spot powers my laptop and tablet, and Verizon smart phone plans are so expensive. Unfortunately, Verizon has the widest coverage, so if you plan on traveling, you might have to go with it.

Fulltime RV Verizon 4G and Campground WiFi Often Sucks!

Just a little demo of “Blazing Fast 4G” (dial up speed) at Lake Tahoe. Calling support is getting old… maybe this is due to sun flares and sunspots? The campground WIFi is even worse.