The Grand Canyon State, is a unique place; the weather in AZ is so warm, that one could wear shorts all year around. In fact, I do!

This is because I live in the AZ desert. Arizona has many, many diverse areas that have different environmental landscapes. The northern part of Arizona, right around the Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, gets more rainm and is considerably cooler than the southern region of the state. On the west side of the state, are the lower deserts and the Colorado river, it’s warm. Yuma, Lake …

Laughlin Boat Tour Fulltime RV Boondocking

The Riverside Hotel and Casino in Laughlin NV has a nice boat tour of the Colorado River, from Davis Dam through Bullhead City.

Fulltime RV on the Colorado River at Moabi regional park

I think I was going the right way…the roads had construction and detours, and the lady at the front desk told me GPS was not accurate around here. Stayed a week, waiting out some very, very windy days. Toto loves this place more than anywhere! Run free!

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