A Guide To Buying Digital Camera Equipment

ZenitThere are so many digital cameras available today, it can be confusing when buying digital camera equipment. Here are some tips to help you decide which the best choice is for you, to get the best results:

• The first step before you buy, is to set basic budget on how much money you want to spend. You need to be realistic, you may not be able to get the best of every feature, and you may have to make trade offs when you actually buy your digital camera equipment.

• Your photography …

Eight Tips For Better Digital Photos

800px-PhotographerWhether you are an amateur photographer, or if you simply want to create better family photos, there are many things you can do. Here are eight easy tips to use next time you get out your digital camera.

#1. Be Prepared

Keep all of your photography equipment ready to go; a roomy camera bag is ideal, it will keep all your equipment together, and it’s easy to carry with you. A good camera bag will let you organize extra batteries, memory cards, a miniature tripod, even a waterproof housing to protect your camera …

5 Tips For Photo Shooting Winter Landscapes

Cabin in the Snow

Some photography enthusiasts, will brave the harsh winter weather, to take advantage of the crisp, clear winter light. Plan well in advance, to make your digital photography expedition more productive. Putting your digital camera away until spring, you’ll miss out on the raw, natural beauty of this magical season.

Here are a five photography tips to make your winter photography trip more productive.

1. Wear the right winter clothing: It’s very important to keep warm when photographing winter scenes. Winter is harsh, so if you spend a few days outside, always be well …

Great Basin NP Royalty Free Video Compilation

A compilation of my favorite clips from my trip to Great Basin National Park in Nevada.

5 Tips to Better Compose Your Nature Travel Photos

Winding Path to Jack Longstreet's CabinAn Article By: Catherine Cairns-OKeefe from www.SprinkleGoodness.com

You’re driving along in your RV and you see the most stunning scenery.

You find a safe place to stop. You get out your camera and snap away.

All is great. But when you look at your photos later, do you find yourself wondering why your photos don’t always justify how amazing the view is?

If yes, today’s photo tips can help you.

They’ll put you on the first step towards taking the types of photos that are so good, you could even sell them if …

Four Great Camera Tips for Enhanced Digital Photos

Large_format_camera_lensYou have you just purchased a new camera, and you’re very excited to start taking photos with your new gadget. But Alas, your pictures do not look as good as you want. No need to worry, just keep reading for four new tricks for taking more interesting and memorable digital photos.

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Eight Photography Skills You Need to Practice

Here is the concept; to put set aside days for photography, to practice the theories that you have learned, and you to see your photography improve with practice. You can try assigning yourself challenges, to only shoot in one particular way each day. These assignments can relate to your camera settings, and by limiting yourself to either switching off some automatic setting of your camera, you can commit yourself to really honing your skills, and to practice different techniques. By focusing in on one particular skill of photography at a time, you can …

Full HD Joshua Trees Walker Pass NV

Some dramatic clips of Joshua Trees up on Walker Pass Road outside of Pahrump NV.

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Full HD Red Rocks Las Vegas Royalty Free Video

This is Red Rock Park, west of Las Vegas NV. Drive all the way west on Charleston Blvd, you’ll get there.

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Ash Meadows, NV Dark and Moody Royalty Free Video

I used the impressive filter on my Lumix camera for a dark, moody, Bronte’esque feel. Ash Meadows is on the eastern edge of Death Valley. No camping, but a nice day trip.

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Ash Meadows Nevada Fulltime RV Travel Photography

Between Pahrump NV and Death Valley CA, beautiful Ash Meadows is a true oasis in the desert. No camping, but a wonderful day trip. These were shot on my Lumix camera, with the expressive filter.

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