Great Basin NP Royalty Free Video Compilation

A compilation of my favorite clips from my trip to Great Basin National Park in Nevada.

Full HD Joshua Trees Walker Pass NV

Some dramatic clips of Joshua Trees up on Walker Pass Road outside of Pahrump NV.

Full HD Red Rocks Las Vegas Royalty Free Video

This is Red Rock Park, west of Las Vegas NV. Drive all the way west on Charleston Blvd, you’ll get there.

Ash Meadows, NV Dark and Moody Royalty Free Video

I used the impressive filter on my Lumix camera for a dark, moody, Bronte’esque feel. Ash Meadows is on the eastern edge of Death Valley. No camping, but a nice day trip.

Ash Meadows Nevada Fulltime RV Travel Photography

Between Pahrump NV and Death Valley CA, beautiful Ash Meadows is a true oasis in the desert. No camping, but a wonderful day trip. These were shot on my Lumix camera, with the expressive filter.