Using Fabric: Inexpensive Ways To Transform A Room!

Using fabric to decorate a room is an inexpensive way to add color, pattern and charm. Use fabric to soften a room, add romance, and give a room a finished feel. Fabric can be used in any room style, and on any budget! Follow these great guidelines for using fabric in home decorating without breaking your budget!

1. Inexpensive sources for fabric for decorating a room include using flat sheets from discount stores, quilts and tablecloths from yard sales (or your own linen closet!) or the discount table at any fabric store.

2. …

Why Choose An Air Mattress?

An air mattress may look vaguely like a spring mattress, but looks are deceiving: the difference lies inside the mattresses. You feel it at bedtime when you lie in your bed. You could be tossing around trying to find that perfect spot, or you could be lying in your bed and finding the perfect spot at every turn. Differing from an air mattress, average spring mattresses have a support network formed by interconnected springs. These springs are made of solid metal with minimal flexibility. Springs are not capable of providing efficient support, only …

Color As a Catalyst


Color is the prime mover in decorating. There is no limit to it’s versatility. it can change the shape and size of an RV, disguise it’s defects, emphasize and dramatize it’s good points.

Color is the catalyst that brings a room to life. Clever use of color creates the mood and atmosphere in a room…serene, gay or dramatic. Color plays it cool, or turns around and is warm and friendly. You can use any color with any period or style of furnishing and it will be perfectly compatible. Most important, color influences …

About Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops


Whether you prefer glazed, porcelain, quarry or mosaic, these tiles are versatile and come in an array of designs, colors and shapes. A design savvy look, country flair, artistic interest or upscale appearance can enhance your kitchen countertops surface that’s low maintenance but high in style. Tile countertops are also a great idea for completing your kitchen renovation since tiles are not only durable but are heat resistance.

Be creative and always design your kitchen tile layout the way you like it. One interesting way to do it is to tile your …

A short installation guide of solid wood countertops


Solid wood countertops are natural products made of wood; wood is a living material and the more moisture receives, the more the wood countertop will expand. The wood we used in solid wood worktops has been previously kiln dried to a humidity level of 6%, and it is therefore important that the worktop is not exposed to a constantly high level of humidity. Normally the humidity level in kitchens is approximately 50-70%.

The solid wood top must be attached to the cabinet box using only wood screws and washers. It is not …

A Sampler of Faux Finish Techniques

While Grandma’s quilts showed off a sample of her pretty bits of fabric and her skill with many different fancy needle stitches – imagine what she could have done with a pot of glaze and a sponge. That’s right. As artistic and skilled as Grandma was she probably would be right at home with faux finish paints, too.

There are so many options available to today’s motorhome owner when it comes to choosing alternatives to traditional flat paint. There’s absolutely no reason to hang onto that boring tried-and-true white (or taupe, taupe, …

6 Materials For Creating The Perfect Kitchen Countertop


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The kitchen countertop has to be able to take a lot of abuse including the heat of pots, cutting and knives and abrasive cleansers. The ideal countertop should be able to stand up to heat and the sharp edge of a knife.

Let us take a look at 6 of the most popular kitchen countertop materials being used today:

Granite – A natural stone, granite is a popular choice for it’s classic beauty and durability. Granite is the hardest and densest of …

7 Easy Faux Painting Techniques


In the last 10 years, faux painting techniques have gone from obscure to popular, from the realm of professionals to do-it-yourself projects. These techniques are not difficult although they can be time consuming (what decorating or remodeling project isn’t though) and require quick hands.

Called “faux” painting because these techniques mimic or create a false look of stone, texture, leather, and more, you will find that the styles fall into one of two types: additive or subtractive. Additive (also called positive) techniques simply mean that you add color onto the wall. Sponging …

6 Easy Decorating Fixes


Sometimes you don’t need to spend a fortune to fix a decorating mistake or problem. In fact, easy and inexpensive solutions are more common than you may think. Here are six cheap and simple decorating fixes.

1) Paint. Need to update a room or give it some flair. Paint is the easiest and least expensive fix there is. With a gallon or two, about $50, you can give a room a brand new look.

2) Throws and pillows. Ok, so the sofa is getting worn and dated, but the budget won’t allow …

5 Window Treatment Ideas To Improve Your RV Home


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Coming up with interesting window treatment ideas that bring out the best in your windows as they bring in the sunshine, is a challenge to anyone with a yen to decorate. There are tons of non-traditional options and tips to make the most of what you have, and give your windows that million dollar look on a mostly discount budget.

How about recycling old items? If you inherited lace tablecloths that are no longer fresh and white, you can still get a lot …

5 Steps To Complete A Successful Tile Installation


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If laying ceramic tiles is totally new to you, “5 Steps to complete a successful ceramic tile installation” is a set of basic, but important tips that you will help you avoid making costly mistakes on your next bathroom or kitchen ceramic tile installation.

Plan which Tile
Shop around if you want to save
Prepare the surface for a long lasting job
Lay the tiles
Finishing touches

Plan which Tile
This step is often underestimated and sometimes even forgotten (can you believe …

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bamboo Flooring


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Choosing flooring for your RV remodel, such as laminate, hardwood, linoleum or carpet is no small decision.

Now that you have chosen to go with hardwood, you need to decide what type of hardwood you would like to have in your home.

Typically, most people think of oak, maple or cherry wood as suitable for a floor. But consider bamboo flooring, bamboo has a lot to offer.

Let’s look at these five main reasons why bamboo flooring mat be your best choice.

Warm Environment – …