What RV City Slickers Need to Know About Small Town America

There are a few things people who live in cities take for granted, such as the availability of cell service, free cell service, banks and ATMs, different types of food, supplies and restaurants. Below are some tips to help you city slickers navigate small town, rural America.

Money and Plastic:

If you live in a city, you may not think twice about using your debit or credit card for every purchase. Not so in small town America; many small, family owned RV parks do not accept debit or …

Motorhome vs Towable?

When you decide you want to become an RVer, you immediately face a choice; should you buy a towable, or a motorhome? There are deeper variations of these two choices, such as a truck campers, tent trailers, and 5th wheels, but the first narrowing down will be, picking between a towable (trailer, 5th wheel) and a motorhome9 Class A, B, and C). You will want to consider your choice carefully before making the purchase.

Do You Already Own a Truck or an SUV?

One thing to consider in …

RV Expenses We All Need to Budget For

There is no such thing as a one size fits all RV budget. Some people manage to live on $1,000 a month, but many others may need a budget much higher. But there are a few common expenses that every RVer has.

Familiarizing yourself with these common RV expenses will help you decide which RV best fits your needs, and how to budget your money to maximize your RV lifestyle.


Just like your car, your RV needs insurance. On average, RV insurance can range from several hundred …

Safety Tips for Solo RVing

Taking a few common sense precautions, and putting in place a few “just in case” measures, can go a long way to maintaining your peace of mind, and keeping you safe while RVing.

Trust Your Instincts: The most important safety tool you have, are your eyes, ears and common sense. Always be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts and intuition; while you may believe that most people are good, that does not mean you shouldn’t take precautions. If you see an area frequented by people who look…

Safety Tips for RV Camping in Bear Country

You want to see a bear; beautiful, smart, powerful, but also very dangerous, especially when you live in an R.V. and camp in state or national parks, or boondock on public lands. You may have seen videos of bears breaking into cabins, or just walking into someone’s home, and raiding the fridge. Bears can tear into a cabin, tip over huge dumpsters, and even tear holes into vehicles with their strong claws and teeth. The bottom line is, bears are constantly on the prowl for food, and they have the physical strength and …

RVing with a Fearful Dog

A life of constant change can be stressful for a fearful dog, with new people, places, new sounds, smells and strange dogs, overloading their senses and triggering their fight or flight responses. Traveling with your dog can be a great opportunity for training to help increase his or her confidence, and patiently helping your dog overcome their behavioral challenges will strengthen your relationship.

Your dog’s behavior may be frustrating at times, but it’s important to remember that no dog is perfect, and you’ll both benefit when you acknowledge your dog’s issues, and begin …

Fulltime RVing Isn’t the Same as Being on a Fulltime Vacation

For many people, there is a belief that living fulltime in an RV will transform life into a fulltime vacation; carefree, full of adventure, and devoid of anything that could distract from your happiness. If that is your idea of the fulltime RV lifestyle, you might be disappointed.

You may think you are being realistic, but it’s very easy to get your hopes up as a new RVer; your imagination may run wild with how perfect this new lifestyle will be; no rent or mortgage, all the places you’ll go, “living free”. Your …

How to Keep You RV Decals Looking Good

While the high end Class A diesel pushers have painted stripes, more common among RV’s are vinyl graphics made to be semi-permanent, which usually contain UV inhibitors to reduce fading. The decals on your RV can add pizzazz and style, but nothing looks worse than when the decals start to fade and peel. The sun’s UV rays will take a toll on every surface of your RV, from the roof, the tires to the vinyl decals. UV rays from the sun will remove the natural plasticizer oils that help keep vinyl decals flexible, …

Some Tips for Traveling Pets- How Not to Get Lost

Many RVers take their pets with them while traveling, but that can create a lot of unexpected opportunities for your pets to get lost. But there are steps you can take to prevent a lost pet, and find them if they do get lost.

RVers have unique challenges when it comes to pet safety, frequently being in unfamiliar surroundings, and unknown dangers, such as coyotes and bears, as well as traffic.

A big mistake some RVers can make, is becoming complacent with their animal’s behavior. They may assume …

Keeping Your RV Pet Cool in the Summer

If your RV pet could pass along a suggestion for the summer, it would be to find some simple solutions to make traveling across America in your RV more comfortable in the heat.

One frugal solution is to get a cooling pad, which is a mat made out of cold gel. You may find one at a pet store, and but Amazon has a wide variety of cooling pads, in different sizes.

The pad is soft, and the gel inside is noticeably cooler to the touch than the ambient temperature. Your …

Safety and Stabilization Upgrades for Gas Class A Motorhomes

You may be used to the smooth ride of the typical passenger car or pickup truck, or even a diesel motorhome, so you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you first drive a gas engine Class A motorhome. It may wobble and sway around every corner, and a gust of wind or a passing 18 wheeler could push you off the road.

You may be battling the steering wheel, fighting to keep it straight. If you let go, even with one hand, for even just for …

Common RV Terminolgy and Definitions

For the RV neophyte, some RV terminology may seem like a foreign language! Here is a nice long list of typical RV related terms and their definitions used within the RV community.

AC or A/C: AC is the 120 volt alternating current electrical system. (the same as ina house). AC or A/C can also mean the air conditioner.

Actual Weight: Also referred to as “Weight” this is the measured weight of an object, such as a trailer or motorhome.

Anode Rod: An anode rod is used in the water heater, to attract the …

What Are the Emotional Challenges of the Fulltime RV Lifestyle?

Fulltime RVing can involve some unique emotional challenges, especially if you have an extroverted personality, or very close to your family or community. Many of these challenges can be overcome, but if you’re considering the RV lifestyle, you need to know what to expect emotionally. By knowing what to expect, you can be prepared.

What Are Some of the Common Emotional Challenges?

Missing friends and family is probably one of the most painful emotional challenges, and along with this goes missing special events and occasions with family and friends.

Meeting with new people. …

Boondocking Basics

First, let’s define boondocking: RV camping out in the “boonies” (nature) with no designated sites, hookups, or facilities.

Newbie RVers can have many fears and questions about boondocking. This isn’t the typical RV park experience! Some common questions and fears are, is it safe? How do you find boondocking spots? How long can I make it on my water? Will I smell if I can’t shower every day? Will my RV get stuck? Let’s go over a few of the basics!

How Do You Find Boondocking Spots?

Most boondocking spots, officially called “dispersed …

Things to Check When Buying a Used RV

The Roof

One of the most important checks you can make on an RV is the roof. A leaky RV roof can cause massive damage, often unseen. A leaky roof can cause rot inside the walls, weakening the entire structure, and also cause unseen mold, which can make you sick. These problems are usually very expensive and time consuming to repair. Before you climb up on the roof, check the ladder for loose screws or cracked rungs. If you don’t feel comfortable going up on the roof, get someone who is.

Things to

Is It RV Friendly? Use This Indispensable Tool to Choose the Safest Route

For more than 20 years, the Mountain Directory books have been an essential guide for both truckers and RVers, with over 700 mountain passes and steep grades. MountainDirectory.com now offers this information not only as printed books, but also three digital versions; eBooks for Windows and Mac computers, and apps for Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads. The eBook and app versions are downloaded onto your devices, and you do not need to be online; they will work anywhere, with or without a cell signal.

You can consult the …

7 Pieces of Advice for Stress Free RV Living

After fulltiming for a while, you will learn a few things. These are a few RV lessons you may want to learn before you hit the road.

Take it Leisurely

Sometimes you need to be somewhere at a specific time, but generally, your travel should be leisurely. To really enjoy RVing, you need to be able to stop when you want, where you want, and driving should be stress free. You can follow the 330 rule; stop when you have driven 330 miles or it’s 3:30 in the …

7 Easy Steps to Get Started in the RV Lifestyle

Living the RV lifestyle is not as hard as it looks! Simply follow these seven easy steps, to get started on the adventure of a lifetime!

#1 Decide on the right RV for You.

It is perfectly OK to go window shopping for an RV at dealerships and RV shows, to help you narrow down the type of RV that’s right for you. Ask lots of questions, get behind the wheel, lay on the bed, sit at the dinette, to get a feel for what it would be …

Places to Find Fresh Water on the Road

If you have been dry camping for days, or even weeks, one of the first things you’ll need to do is fill up on fresh water. Here are a few tips on where to find it, other than a paid campground.

Dump Stations

This may be the first place to look for fresh water. Please be alert, dump stations often have a “non-potable” water spigot near the sewer dump, and a fresh water spigot somewhere else. Don’t get the two confused, and only fill your fresh with potable water.

Rest Stops

Many rest …

4 Places to Avoid in Your RV

RVing can either be care free living, or total disaster. Without paying attention to road and weather conditions, your next move could end in tragedy.

Driving on a Narrow Road with No Turnaround

One of the scariest places for an RV to is at the end of a long, narrow road with no place to turn around. An RV GPS may help you to avoid most of these dead ends, they’re not 100% foolproof. If you find yourself stuck at the end of a road with no turn around, you will need to …

RV Weight and Measurement Terminology

There are all types of weights and measurements in reference to RVs, and sometimes, it can be confusing. What does it all mean? Below, you will find some answers.

If you are curious about your weight, many truck stops have scales, and they may be willing to weigh you. Also, be mindful of “weight distribution” in your RV. You want to try and keep the weight of your load evenly distributed, with the heaviest items over the axles. Also, avoid collecting too much unnecessary junk, and make regular trips to a thrift store …