Reality Check. What is Your Low Cost RV Comfort Level?

You may have been watching some of the young, hip, urban stealth campers on You Tube, living free on the streets of big, expensive cities in a plain, white, urban stealth van, while they pursue school, or a career. They make it look so easy! So glamorous! So anti-social in a really cool way! Maybe, but hold up, reality check…. Knock, knock, knock, the glare of a flashlight… it’s the cops! “You can’t park here. License and registration…” Maybe this time, you get off without a ticket, or maybe not. Bang, bang bang! …

Snowbird RV Living in the Desert Southwest

Spending the winters in the Desert Southwest, particularly Arizona, is one of the cheapest ways to live for RVers. You have many options, from luxurious RV resorts, to basic RV parks, to BLM LTVAs and free boondocking, out in the desert.

What makes the Desert Southwest Such a Great Place to RV?

There are millions of acres of public land, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the desert Southwest, as well as a lot of Forest Service land. Also, the privately owned RV parks in the small towns of the …

Things to Consider Before Going Fulltime RV

#1) STUFF!

You can’t take it all with you; in fact, you may have to get rid of 90% of your stuff. You need to decide what’s really essential to your new RV lifestyle, and what isn’t. You need to strive to keep everything at a minimum, and very practical. The name of the game is, yard sales, donations, and more yard sales, and more donations. Give away family heirlooms to other family members. Just remember, you may not see those heirlooms ever again.

Some people will rent a storage unit, and pay …

5 Essential RV Dump Station Rules

If you’re an RV newbie, the correct procedures at the dump station can seem rather confusing. Getting used to the novel world of dumping human waste can be unnerving for RV newbies, but follow a few simple rules, and it will be trauma free! Dumping your tanks doesn’t have to be a big production, it is really very simple. By following proper dump station procedures, you’ll be in and out in a jiffy!

Don’t Be This Guy!

1. Black Water First, Gray Second

Always dump the RV’s black tank first. It helps to …

11 Tips for RV Camping in High Winds

There are things you can do to reduce the impact of the wind on your RV while camping, as well as reduce any potential damage.

1) Point the Nose of Your RV Into the Wind

If possible, park your RV with the front end into the wind. For a motorhome, you might park it with the tail to the wind, to prevent windshield damage. The front end of a travel trailer or 5th Wheel are aerodynamically designed for highway speeds, so you’ll have a lot less rocking and noise, compared to the wind …

The 7 Noob Mistakes ANY RVer Can Make

Traveling and living in an RV takes a lot of thought and preparation and there are a lot of little things you need to keep in mind… so many things, that it’s easy to miss something. Let’s look at seven common, and easily avoidable, mistakes you can make as an RVer.

#1- Don’t Mix Up Your Fresh Water Hoses & Fittings With Your Waste Water Hoses & Fittings

Mixing up your fresh water and waste water hoses and fittings will can lead to bacteria contamination that will make you very sick. A quick …

Tips for Towing a Trailer

Towing a trailer is not always simple. To make sure you are towing your trailer safely, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

Weight Distribution

One of the essential rules of towing a trailer is to evenly distribute the weight of your load as evenly as possible. As you pack up, keep your weight distribution in mind, and spread out the weight as evenly as possible, between the front and back, as well as the left and right of the trailer. Also, it is essential to know the maximum weight you …

Getting Rid of Rodents in Your RV

If you love the great outdoors, and spend a lot of time boondocking, or camping in wilderness campgrounds, you are likely to pick up a few unwelcome visitors. Here is what you need to know about those pesky little critters — and how you can get rid of them, and keep them out.

There’s never just one.

If you see one mouse, you most likely have more than one. Rodentsare looking for the same things that humans are looking for; food, water, and shelter. When you have one, others will find their way …

Does Your RV Stink?

If you have ever had a mysterious stink inside your RV, you need to have a plan for how you are going to find the source, and get rid of a nasty smell inside your rig. An unpleasant odor can really spoil your vacaton, so take the below advice to help you eliminate that nasty smell, and get your vacation back on track.

Air Out the Rig

This might be obvious, but it needs mentioning, as it is very important for keeping your RV smelling fresh. Whenever you can, open up all of …

How to Find Free RV Boondocking Spots

As a fulltime RVer, I have mapped out suitable areas for boondocking. I stay west of the Rockies, where most of the free camping and BLM land is.

One thing to consider when boondocking with your RV is appropriate roads for your particular rig; an Expedition vehicle, a 4×4 truck camper, or a 4×4 truck towing a micro-lite trailer can go deeper off the beaten path than a Class A, B or C motorhome.

It is highly recommended, to check out any boondocking area by car, before you take a motorhome in, especially

Avoid RV Tire Blow Outs

RV tire blow outs are very dangerous; replacing the tire may be expensive, losing a tire while in motion can cause a serious crash. Avoiding tire blow outs on your RV is one of the most important things to do to keep you and your family safe.

Don’t Run on Old Tires

Rubber deteriorates with age, and old tires are more prone to blow outs. Even if there is still some tread left, it’s important to get new tires every 5-6 years, to make sure you have quality tires on your RV. Replacing …

Pre-Flight RV Check List

Before you take off in your RV, there are a lot of little things to remember before pulling out. It’s a great idea to create a checklist which you can use to remember all the vital steps. What should be on such a checklist? Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Check Your Tires

One of the most important things to do is to check the pressure in your tires. The wrong tire pressure in your motorhome, trailer or truck tires, either too much or too little, will create a risk …

Free Overnight Parking for RVers

There are many places where you can park your RV for a single day or night along the road. Keep in mind, it’s just for one night, and it’s not the same as a campground; don’t put out your awning and lawn chairs, and set up the BBQ! Keep it low key, keep it clean, stay out of the way, and be ready to move. It’s also a good idea to write down more than one location, in case your first choice doesn’t pan out.

Walmart: Probably the best known overnight stop over …

Finding Free RV Dump Stations on the Road

There are a few free options on the road for dumping your black and grey tanks, and refilling the fresh. Here are a few tips to help you to find free locations for dumping and filling. Mark these locations on your paper map, in case you don’t have cell phone service while on the road.

Use the Internet

Websites like and have just the information you need: master lists of RV dump sites across the country. Some of these are free, so check on the listings, and map out the dump …

5 Newbie RV Mistakes

Your first RV is exciting, and will open a whole world of exciting and new travel experiences. Although you may be eager to get started on your first trip, please heed the tips below to make sure you don’t make a ‘newbie’ mistake. Here are a few RVing mistakes which are common to newbies.

(1) Failure to Educate Yourself

Your new RV has several systems which you will need to know how to use, before you go on your first trip. Before you even buy your first RV, spend some time on RV …

DIY Solar Cookers and Campfire Cooking Methods

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Tips for RV Travel with Dogs

As a dog owner, your pup as part of the family, and you want to be able to take them with you when you leave on an RV trip. In fact, the ability to travel with your pet, in a homey environment, is one of the best things about traveling in an RV; you can easily take your dogs with you, without having to worry about finding a ‘pet-friendly’ hotel. With few exceptions, RV and state and national parks are very pet friendly.

While RV travel with your dogs is relatively simple, there …

Four Things for the New RV Owner to Consider

Purchasing your first RV one of the most exciting experiences you can have, but that doesn’t mean you are going to be on a vacation forever; There’s a lot of responsibility that comes along with owning an RV, and real world considerations as you take ownership of your new home on wheels. If you are going to be secure with your new RV, it’s important to carefully consider a few thingsyoumi ght not have thought about much, as of yet.

Insurance and Road Service

Just as with your car, you need to have …

Typical Wattage of Common Appliances

If you plan on going solar with your RV, it is vital to get a handle on how much power you will use, and how you could reduce the drain on your batteries and solar system. Below is a chart of common appliances and equipment that may be onboard your motorhome, 5th wheel or trailer.


Blender/Food Processor – 400W
Portable Vacuum – 500W
Mini-Refrigerator – 600W
Coffee Maker – 1000W
Fan – 20W
Toaster – 1000W
Electric Blanket – 200W
Electric Heater – 2000W
Microwave – 1000W

Audio/Video Equipment

Video Game System …

Wall Mounted Solar Lighting

Solar lighting has joined heating and electrical production as popular solar platforms. Wall mounted solar lighting is a particular niche product that people are turning to in droves.

Wall Mounted Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is the new way to light up your home or RV. While you have many choices to illuminate your RV, the most economical and ecologically sound way is to use solar power. Even if you don’t want to use solar power to run your entire motorhome, you can still help lower your energy costs and use less non-renewable resources …

Why Choose An Air Mattress?

An air mattress may look vaguely like a spring mattress, but looks are deceiving: the difference lies inside the mattresses. You feel it at bedtime when you lie in your bed. You could be tossing around trying to find that perfect spot, or you could be lying in your bed and finding the perfect spot at every turn. Differing from an air mattress, average spring mattresses have a support network formed by interconnected springs. These springs are made of solid metal with minimal flexibility. Springs are not capable of providing efficient support, only …