5 Tips for Renting an RV

Share Are you planning a cross-country trip to see the United States for yourself? Or are you planning a family road trip to visit family and friends? If you are, you may want to consider traveling by motorhome. There are a numerous benefits to traveling in a motor home; these…

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Our Little Used Trailer: A Few Potholes Starting Out.

Share An Article By: Matthew O’Keefe from www.SprinkleGoodness.com What do you need to travel the country and be comfortable? The thought of traveling and seeing all the wonderful sites and landmarks, and doing some digital photography, is very tempting. It is much more achievable for people these days. When my…

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How Much Does Living Fulltime in an RV Cost?

Share Everyone wants to know, “How much does it cost?” They want to see a detailed chart, breaking down every little expense, as if every RVer is living the same life, and as if food and gas prices aren’t ever increasing. So, I’m not doing a break down chart! If…

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Harbor Freight Solar Panels to Portable Battery Pack

I know this is not the optimum solar set up, but the cheap Harbor Freights were up there anyways doing nothing, and this gets me something until I have the $500 or so for a 200W panel and two more 6V batteries. Continue reading

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