Consumer’s Guide to Solar Energy Systems


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PV Guide

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Solar Powered Off Grid Well Pump Guide


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Pumping Systems Handbook

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Installing Off Grid Tiny House Solar Systems


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Photovoltaic System Design and Installation


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Guide to Grid Connected Residential Solar Panel Systems


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Comparison of the Different Types of Solar Charge Controllers for your RV

Solar charge controllers, or solar charge regulators are definitely as the name suggests voltage or current regulators, which keep batteries from overcharging, and also prevent generated current by solar panels from flowing back to the solar array. The solar charge controller mostly manages the current going to the batteries from the solar panels. Reason for this is because solar panels sometimes generate move than the rated power and we ought to prevent our battery from harm by the extra voltage thus we us solar charge controllers. In this article we are going to …

Fulltime RV Solar Panels Blacktop Boondocking

Looking at some different solar panel set ups. The panels on that Patriot Class A were really impressive! I think swiveling on the roof is the optimal set up.

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Nomad Plug Portable Solar Charger Test and Review

I donated on Indie GoGo to this family start up, and got this as a gift. Works well, charges my iPod completely in 1/2 – 1 hour. Small, storable, and versatile. One suggestion, more complete instructions, but this is the company start up package. Best of luck, Nomad Plug, I will be using this!

Bug Out RV Boondocking My Batteries Down on Solar

I’ve been boondocking for about a week, and the batteries were fully charged the whole time, till this morning, down to 1/4 all of a sudden! I ran the generator for maybe 45 minutes, and all is well again. I only have the one 90W panel hooked up.

Harbor Freight Solar Panels to Portable Battery Pack

I know this is not the optimum solar set up, but the cheap Harbor Freights were up there anyways doing nothing, and this gets me something until I have the $500 or so for a 200W panel and two more 6V batteries.