RV Travelling in the Southwestern United States

joshua-snowWant to check out the beauty of southwestern United States? Love going on road trips? If yes, then the best option is to combine the two joys of your life and go on a RV trip across southwestern US.

An RV tour allows you to go on your favorite vacations almost all through the year. With a fridge and kitchen onboard the RV, you will become a master of all that you survey as you will not need to depend on fast foods or search and stop for bathroom breaks. If you do not already own an RV, then you may go for an RV rental, or a used RV, or check out RV sales for all available options.

The below listed instructions can help you plan your itinerary for an RV rental vacation across the beautiful landscape and attractions of southwestern US.

  • List out all the places that you may want to visit and then check the internet, maps of the area, etc., to get additional information such as different RV parks in the area. You may also contact some RV clubs to help you plan the RV vacation schedule.

  • Choose the type of RV that you would want as per your budget and need. Many choices are available, from used RVs and trailers, to RV rentals, to high-tech big motorhomes. Contact different RV sales agents, including e-commerce websites, to verify the prices of new/used RVs or RV rentals.

  • Ensure that you are aware about the workings of an RV and all its equipment. You may contact a local RV rental agent for critical information and test drives.

  • First timers should go for a RV rental and a short trip to get an idea about how to use and maneuver an RV, back it up, and park at varied RV parks, etc. You will also come to know if that specific kind of RV will suits you for a longer road trip.

  • Use local roads and avoid freeways. Ensure that you have laid out clear cut rules about the number of drivers, the break schedules, stay extensions at a particular area, if any, etc., before gassing up and commencing the trip. Make sure that you cover at least 150 miles a day.
  • Make sure that a relative or a friend has a copy of your schedule. Call and check in with them at scheduled times.

  • Make reservations at different RV parks in southwestern US. Hooking up the RV in the dark can be an arduous task. Hence, try to arrive at an RV park/campground before nightfall.

  • If you are travelling with kids, then childproof the RV rental. Carry an extra set of keys for the main door and the ignition. Ensure that only necessary items and luggage are taken during the trip. A congested living compartment will only cause unwanted stress and take the fun out of your RV trip of southwestern US.

  • Carry latex gloves for removing black water and a full set of additional fuses. Turn off pilot lights during refueling. Ensure that no one is in the trailer when you are towing an RV attached to a trailer.

  • RV travelling with friends is a better option than travelling alone. You may join an RV group if you cannot find friends to accompany you.

  • Southwest United States is known for its many National Parks. RV camping trips that revolve around a visit to these parks is a great option. You can check out the following places when travelling in a used RV across southwestern US.

  • Arizona is not only about the Grand Canyon, he state is also about its beautiful National Parks. You can go camping at RV parks to the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Located south of Phoenix, it is home to the Pueblan ruins and is a preserve of ancient Native American culture.

  • Towards the southeast of Tucson are the Chiricahua National Monuments and Fort Bowie. RV campers can check out the mesmerizing beauty of the desert landscape as well as learn about the conflicts between the early settlers and Native Americans. Full-service RV parks are located near Wilcox, while Chiricahua has a ‘no-hookups’ RV campgrounds.

  • In the Saguaro National Park located at Tucson, RV campers can check out the giant cacti of the region and get bewitched by the picturesque surroundings of the Giant Saguaro forest adorned by the 2 mountain districts. Camp your RV at the Catalina State Park for a true-blue desert camping experience.

  • The Coronado National Monument is located at the southern periphery of Arizona. You can go hiking through the many trails, enjoy a thrilling tour of the Coronado Caves, and camp at the scenic RV park/campground at the Coronado National Forest.

  • The Tumacacori National Monument is home to 3 ruins of the Spanish colonial mission. Camping for RV rentals are located next to the highway. You can learn about the influence and work of Franciscan and Jesuit missionaries as well as get amazed by the all-encompassing scenic beauty.

  • The El Malpais National Monument is located southwest of Albuquerque. It features incredible cinder cones, lava tube caves, and other stunning lava formations. You may check them out from charming overlooks and trails.

  • Situated west of Albuquerque, New Mexico is the Petroglyph National Monument, a fascinating site full of ‘petroglyphs’ or ancient carvings that adorn the area’s many trails snaking across its Pueblan ruins, volcanic cinder cones, and numerous canyons. Revel in the incredible beauty of the Rio Grande Valley and the Sandia Mountains. Do not forget to spend some time learning about the ancient Pueblo tribes. Camping is prohibited at the Monument, but several RV parks are located at Albuquerque.

  • The Morro National Monument is an ancient watering hole located near Ramah, New Mexico. It has evidence of early Pueblan settlements (like carvings), 17th century Spanish explorers, and English settlers. You can spend a sunny afternoon checking out the artifacts at the visitors’ center or go hiking across the varied trails. Have fun!

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