Thousand Trails Las Vegas Full Time RV

I’m using the Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass I got over the summer in Tahoe. This is a very nice park, super nice staff, secure and pleasant, neighbors OK. I guess compared to some cities, Vegas is nice, but it does have a pretty wide grunge zone, and I would prefer to be out in the boonies, or a nice small town.

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Stocking Up for 2-3 Months of Bug Out Boondocking

I have bought more, got some organic meats in the freezer, and a total of 5 cases of canned for Toto, plus bones. This is meant to last for 2-3 months. Of course, I will need to buy fresh veggies along the way, grow some sprouts, and hopefully, find organic yogurt in the small towns I will stay in for a few days to dump and refill tanks. …

How Much Does Living Fulltime in an RV Cost?

My Rig

Everyone wants to know, “How much does it cost?” They want to see a detailed chart, breaking down every little expense, as if every RVer is living the same life, and as if food and gas prices aren’t ever increasing. So, I’m not doing a break down chart!

If you have credit card debt, that will remain the same. You will still spend the same amount on food. If you financed your RV, you can count that as rent or a mortgage, as well as any camping fees you might incur. But, even …

Remodeling the RV Dinette Table into a Desk Fulltime RV

Highway 50 Tahoe to Placerville Fulltime RV

This is a little bit of a tricky road, but we made it! All twists and turns, mostly one lane each way, with two lanes occasionally for passing.

Tahoe to Truckee Highway 80 Fulltime RV

I move camp away from Tahoe during July (crazy, crowded tourist season) to a campground west of Truckee CA. Highway 80 is made out of concrete, and it’s a bumpy, freaky road!

Fulltime RV Snowflower Lake Near Truckee CA

Toto and I spent a few days at Snowflower lake. Met up with a few other solo lady RVers, one of whom was 90 years old.

In Tahoe, When It Rains, It Hales! Fulltime RV

Another summer hale storm! Garbanzo sized hale, and this morning, there were pockets of ice on roofs and in gulleys, wheret he sun did not melt it. But today wasa sunny 68 degrees, and tomorrow, near 80.

Fulltime RV Tahoe Recon Mission

Went up the mountain in the Suzuki, and messed up on the GPS coordinates (Different formats? Which format am I on?) Anyways, need to make another trip, after the snow is done. Getting mixed messages; some say there are a lot of free boondocking places, others say, pickins are slim. So we will see.

Resort Living Fulltime RV in Pahrump NV!

Wow! Can you believe it! For $12.56 a day, I am living in a resort, 3 swimming pools, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi!

Recon to Martis Dam COE Campground Near Truckee

Drove around the north (west) end of Lake Tahoe, which has gentle curves, but one steep 9% grade. Toto riding shot gun, got to work on that!

Toto the Xolo Does Lake Tahoe

It was nippy out, so I had Toto bundled up in his fleece jumpsuit, and his fleece hoodie. Chase birds, look for garbage to eat, run, run, run like a crazy dog!

Down I50 from Tahoe to Carson City over the Spooner Summit Fulltime RV

Going down the 9 mile long 6% grade. Weeee! I used my low gear drive, and didn’t even have my foot on the gas. Just tapping the brake every so often to keep it at a safe speed.

The Road to and from Virginia City Fulltime RV

The feds cancelled my boondocking plans with the 2013 government shut down, my frig was on the fritz, so I headed towards Mound House NV to get it looked at. A loose wire on the frig, and right up the road, Virginia City! why not? I didn’t have anyplace else to go! It’s a classic!

Boothill Silver Terrace Cemetary Virginia City NV

“We are all but ashes and dust”. No place epitomizes that better . The RV park over looks the cemetery.

Female Fulltime RV Gets Lost in Death Valley!

Don’t call me a woman driver, it’s not like that! I just didn’t read the sign right, and they didn’t print the map right, so what’s a gal to do? Get GPS? I only went maybe 20 miles, didn’t really get lost, since I got back OK!

The Road to Tahoe, Hwy 50 Fulltime RV

Finally made it out of the Carson Valley, and over the mountains to Tahoe. Instant winter, lol! Must be 20 degrees cooler!

Valley of Fire State Park Nevada Fulltime RV

It was too hot the first week of April, got up to 97 degrees inside the RV. Beautiful place, but also very busy with tourists from all over, and would probably be even busier during the winter season. And my dog did not like it here for some reason, beyond it being hot. It has a little bit of a creepy vibe IMHO.

Turning a Corner Queen RV Bed After Xolo Digs It!

Toto apparently thought he could really bury his bone in the bed! Been meaning to flip it for a while, but as you can see, easier said than done. Seriously, RV manufacturers do stuff like drop the mattress in before they putting the roof on!

Weight Distribution Lightening the Load Storage Bin Covers Fulltime RV

Lightened the load by making new covers for my back storage bins. I honestly think I saved 70 lbs with this! My RV is a 2004 Fleetwood Fiesta 26Q

Checking Fulltime RV Brakes and Tow Master Hitch Drama

Just checking the brakes, and some drama concerning the hitch, which was resolved.