Our Little Used Trailer: A Few Potholes Starting Out.

Our_Little_TrailerAn Article By: Matthew O’Keefe from www.SprinkleGoodness.com

What do you need to travel the country and be comfortable? The thought of traveling and seeing all the wonderful sites and landmarks, and doing some digital photography, is very tempting. It is much more achievable for people these days. When my wife and I are out on the highway very few drives pass without seeing at least one traveler in their RV, Motor Home, or pulling their 5th Wheel, or trailer.

We have a used travel trailer ourselves. We searched and considered many options before …

Quick Pit Stop in Williams CA on I5

We stopped for less than an hour in Williams California. The town looks like it has been around for a long time. The little farmer’s market was nice, all Mexican. The town appears to be mainly Hispanic farm workers.

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Passing Through the Lake Shasta Recreation Area

This area was gorgeous! And the roads are good! The people were nice! Super good vibes! I need to come back this way, and do some boondocking in the woods, or on the shores of Lake Shasta. This is on I-5 north of Redding and between the town of Mount Shasta. One campground I will definitely go to in the future is Castle Crags. I tried to get a road shot of the crags, but couldn’t get it, but they are super tall and spectacular.

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We Stayed at the Mount Shasta KOA for 2 Days, Nice!

I really want to go back to the Mount Shasta area; the KOA is a nice campground, within walking distance to town. Only downside, is the trains! The go by all night, honking their horns really loud, but the towns folk get the same treatment, so that is just the deal in Mount Shasta City. Mount Shasta really does have a presence, the landscape is gorgeous, summer weather pleasant (85-90 degrees in July), the town adorable and the people were nice.

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Traveling through the American Southwest in a Motorhome

joshua-snowTraveling in an RV through the American Southwest is one of those things everyone should have on their bucket list. Whether you’re into movies, hiking across deserts, visiting historical sites or seeing natural wonders – you can find all of these in abundance in the American Southwest. All you have to do is buy a used RV, and jump in for a ride! Don’t forget your digital camera as the American Southwest will offer you a wealth of scenic opportunities. Have your camera phone handy throughout the trip and you will come back …