5 Essential RV Dump Station Rules

RV dump station rules

If you’re an RV newbie, the correct procedures at the dump station can seem rather confusing. Getting used to the novel world of dumping human waste can be unnerving for RV newbies, but follow a few simple rules, and it will be trauma-free! Dumping your tanks doesn’t have to be a big production, it is really very simple. By following proper dump station procedures, you’ll be in and out in a jiffy!

Don’t Be This Guy!

1. Black Water First, Gray Second

Always dump the RV’s black tank first. It helps to have a clear extension; by watching, you can see that the black tank is completely drained. After the black tank is empty, dump the gray tank; this helps to rinse out the sewer hose with soapy water from the dishes and shower.

2. Mindfulness Counts

Use the correct RV sewer hose and fittings, plastic or rubber gloves, and keep some hand sanitizer handy. Also, stay with the job, don’t leave the area! If your hose or fittings fail, you want to be there to quickly shut the valves. This will make the job more hygienic, and reduce embarrassing accidents.

3. Move for Fresh Water if Necessary

Don’t try and stretch the freshwater hose to your RV, if the potable water faucet is far off. This will allow the next person in line to dump their black and gray tanks while you fill up on fresh water. Also, it will reduce the risk of contaminating your freshwater hose.

4. Get Away Quickly and Cleanly

Make your visit to the dump station as quick and clean as possible! Always dispose of your dirty gloves and trash in the proper receptacles. Just dump, fill and go, no maintenance at the dump station! other people behind you want to get on with their journey.

5. Valve Maintenance

To ensure that your dump gate valves are maintaining a good seal, check your seals regularly (but not at the dump station!). You’ll know if a valve needs maintenance, if liquid is leaking out before you open the valve. Maintaining the valve seals will ensure there won’t be much wastewater escaping from the valve before you even open it.

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