6 Reasons Why RVing is Not Camping

rv is campingThere is quite a bit of controversy when it comes to the subject of whether or not Rving is camping; some say it is, and some say no, it’s absolutely not camping.

The Definition of Camping

Wikipedia defines camping as; “an outdoor activity which involves staying overnight in a shelter, such as in a tent or a recreational vehicle.”

However, Dictionary.com defines camping as “living temporarily outdoors, usually for recreation.”

Furthermore, Definitions.net defines camping as “the act of living in tents in a camp.”

As you can see, whether or not an RV is camping depends on whom you ask.

Why RVing is Not Camping

Let’s look at some of the reasons why RVing is not really camping. (Irony alert.)


When you’re in an RV, you are not really camping because you can simply park your RV; in a few quick steps, set up your “camp”. On the other hand, if you were really camping, you’d need to spend the time to set up a tent, even when it’s windy or raining. Furthermore, you’ll need to set up your camp stove, chairs, and other items in order to do more than sleep on the ground.


One reason why you’re not camping in an RV is that you’re not sleeping on the ground. Rather, you’re sleeping safely comfortable bed, protected from wild animals and human intruders. If you were really camping, you’d only be sheltered with a thin layer of nylon; a bear, mountain lion or human could easily tear that apart.


You’re not camping in an RV because you have electricity to run your TV and your computer, as well as all your other stuff. If you were really camping, you might be able to recharge a cellphone with a small solar charger, but that’s about it.


RVing is not camping because you have a large supply of hot running water with which to take a shower. Likewise, you not only have hot running water, but you also have a private shower and your own private toilet. If you were really camping, you would have to go without a shower. Furthermore, you may have to go to the bathroom on the ground. Or worse, you might have to use a disgusting vault toilet.


While you can definitely have a campfire if you’re “camping” in an RV, you don’t need to try and cook over it. Instead, you have a propane stove and a microwave oven. If you were really camping, you might have to make a campfire, cooking like people did back in the Stone Age, even if it’s raining or windy.


If you were really camping, you’d be exposed to all the inclement weather, whether it’s raining, snowing, windy and blowing dust. On the other hand, “camping” in an RV provides protection from bad weather, so it’s not really camping. In addition, an RV has an air conditioner and heater to stay comfortable, so it’s not really camping.

As you can see, there are many very good reasons why Rving is not really camping. It’s too much like living in a home on wheels, and does not have enough hardship to really be camping. However, RVing is a very enjoyable way to escape the city. Not only is it a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s the best way to travel the country.

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