Army Corp of Engineers COE Campgrounds

rv boondocking COE campgrounds

The Army Corps of Engineers (COE) dates all the way back to 1779. Among the many public works projects, the United States Army Corps of Engineers built many dams around the country, and with those, they built campgrounds. These campgrounds can offer great RV camping opportunities, with nice lakeside views, and water recreation opportunities, like boating and fishing. There are thousands of COE recreation areas, at over 450 lakes. Moreover, it’s very possible there is a COE area near you.

If you like to boat and fish, or just like camping near water, a COE RV campground may be for you. Some are free, others are low cost. Furthermore, COE campgrounds are well maintained. While some simply have designated campsites with a picnic table and a fire ring, showers are often available, as well as freshwater and trash. Likewise, many of the COE campgrounds have paved roads and paved RV campsites. Outdoor recreation includes fishing, boating, bird watching, geocaching, and hiking. Finally, group campgrounds are also often available for reservation. While not always the easiest campgrounds to find, COE campgrounds are great for RV camping.

Finding a COE Campground

Unfortunately, finding a COE campground online can be a challenge. Certainly, the most convenient way to find RV camping at a COE is to get a paperback or Kindle guidebook. These books will list COE campgrounds and recreational areas by state, and by the reservoir. All campgrounds are listed, including directions, the facilities, activities, and current camping fees.

Keep in mind, Many COE lakeside campgrounds require reservations. You can make campground reservations at Campground reservations will be necessary if you plan to visit the popular lake campgrounds, especially on holiday weekends. You likely will find these campgrounds are at capacity, with no space left. Click here for COE campgrounds on

You can click this interactive map.

The most convenient way to find a COE campground while on the road, is to keep a guide book on board. No internet connection needed!

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