The Beauty of Maps

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The United States has an infinite variety of culture between the different states, and much open, wildland. It could take you a lifetime to see it all. From national and state parks and forests, from historic monuments to theme parks; it’s no wonder more and more people set out every year in their RVs, to travel across the United States.

If you plan on trekking across the USA, either from coast to coast or just one state or city at a time, the best way to plan a trip is with maps. Laying out a map, and pin-pointing different places you want to go is a fun way to plan a trip. Also, you’ll find things you won’t find online, or with your smartphone apps. Alternate routes, different points of interest, or the borders of the National forests and parks. Feel free to write on, or put sticky notes on your maps. This will serve to remind you of all the places you’ve found along the way.

A road map can be an essential tool to help you make your travel plans

Learning to read a map is a must if you plan to live a life on the road! You can get road maps as an atlas, which is a complete book with each of the fifty states, or as single maps, specifically for one state. It’s good to have both an atlas and individual maps; each will show different things, such as rest stops, National Forests, and various points of interest. You can often get tourist maps at national and state parks, or local visitor centers, which are surprisingly handy! As well as state road maps, it’s also important to get detailed maps of the cities you plan to visit. For example, if you visit Washington D.C., you should get a tourist map including the location of each historical monument. This more specific information can be useful for areas that are unfamiliar to you.

If your goal is to visit each of the 50 states, it’s a good idea to buy an atlas. Also, collect maps from each of the 50 states; this will give you a more complete picture of what each state has to offer. It’s surprising to see what there is to visit within each state, and laying out a map will give you the big picture.

It’s also smart to find out how long it takes to travel from one state to the next; that’s where a GPS unit or your smartphone app can help. Travel maps are perfect for getting the big picture.  Augmenting the plans you make using a map, with GPS or smartphone apps, will make your trip smoother and enjoyable.

Traveling across the United States, regardless of the reason is very exciting! You are able to enjoy what each of the fifty states has to offer its visitors. By planning your trip with maps, it’s certain that you’ll be able to make the most of any trip you take.

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