Boondocking Around Flagstaff Arizona During the Summer

Once the weather turns HOT down in Quartzsite and Yuma, it’s time for the Snowbirds to migrate north. Many Snowbirds simply return to their homes in Canada, or Back East. However, many full timers drive to the forests of the Pacific Northwest for cool weather. However, you may only need to drive 200 miles to the northern part of Arizona around Flagstaff to escape the brutal desert heat. The key to finding cooler weather, outside of the coastal or far north states, is going up in elevation, to 7,000 ft and above.

Let’s map out some of the summer boondocking places around Flagstaff Arizona, in the Coconino National Forest. It’s HIGHLY advisable to check out the forest roads before you drive in with your RV; forest roads are usually not as “RV worthy” as dirt roads in the desert snowbird locales. Furthermore, forest soil is not as firm or rocky as desert soil. Likewise, mountain dirt roads tend to be narrow, and more susceptible to water damage and deep rutting. Camping spots also tend to be tight, and may not be suitable for a big rig. So once again, it’s advisable to check it out before driving your motorhome or trailer in.

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Forest Road 535

Elevation: 7008 ft
GPS: 35.0496, -111.7426

Forest Road 68

Elevation: 7151 ft
GPS: 35.1581, -111.7395

Marshall Lake: Forest Road 128

Elevation: 7138 ft
GPS: 35.1124, -111.5384

U.S. Naval Observatory Access Rd.

Elevation: 7334 ft
GPS: 35.1886, -111.7349

A-1 Mountain Road

Elevation: 7381 ft
GPS: 35.2078, -111.7363

Forest Road 518

Elevation: 7408 ft
GPS: 35.2097, -111.752

Shultz Pass Road

Elevation: 7,500 ft
GPS: 35.2595, -111.663

Forest Road 6051

Elevation: 7,800 ft
GPS: 35.2699, -111.7112

Freidlein Prairie – Forest Road 522

Elevation: 8045 ft
GPS: 35.2936, -111.7029

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