Stay Safe from Mountain Lions While Camping

Mountain lions, also called pumas and cougars, are without a doubt, the apex predators of the west. These sleek, fast, and stealthy ambush predators have been known to attack both pets and people. While this is unusual, mountain lions are unpredictable and can be extremely dangerous. For example, a group…

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Coyote Safety Tips for Boondockers

The coyote is the most common predator you will encounter while boondocking. Understanding some basic coyote behavior and following a few safety tips, you should not have a problem with these cunning canines. Shop coyote deterrents on Amazon. About the Coyote The coyote is a very adaptable animal; once confined…

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Can You Drive Away From Bad Weather in an RV?

They say that you can just drive away from bad weather when living in an RV. But is that true? Yes, no and that depends. Be Aware of the Weather Before You Go Before you even hit the road for your next destination, go online to check the weather for…

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Inconvenient Truths About Full Time RV Living

While YouTube often makes full-time RV living look like the easy life, there are a few truths you must know. Without a doubt, the RV lifestyle does have advantages over sticks and bricks, but there are unexpected challenges. Be prepared to not only embrace new places on the road of…

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RV Boondocking and Camping Around Ajo AZ

While most snowbirds RVing to Arizona immediately think of Quartzsite or Yuma, the desert around the tiny town of Ajo presents a few possibilities. Once you hit Yuma, go east on I15 to Gila Bend, then go south on Hwy 85 to Ajo. Originally founded as a mining town in…

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RV Propane Refrigerators vs All-Electric

RV propane refrigerator

There are three common types of RV refrigerators available: two-way, which works on propane and 120v AC, three-way which works on propane, 120v AC and 12v DC, and finally, residential refrigerators, which only work on 120v AC. RV Propane Refrigerators Two-way RV refrigerators run on both propane and 120v AC…

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10 Things Not to Do When Camping

camping don'ts

Camping and RV living brings a great sense of freedom and peace of mind. However, for some people, “freedom” seems to mean freedom from personal responsibility. While you are boondocking in the great outdoors, you need to keep a few things in mind; not only for the benefit of the…

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The Advantages of a Class A Motorhome

advantages Class A motorhome

Whether you want to winter in Florida or plan to snowbird out West, there are advantages to choosing a Class A motorhome. If you’re planning on getting into the RV lifestyle, you’re undoubtedly wondering what type of rig to choose. Should you go with a travel trailer or a 5th…

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