RV Propane Refrigerators vs All-Electric

RV propane refrigerator

There are three common types of RV refrigerators available: two-way, which works on propane and 120v AC, three-way which works on propane, 120v AC and 12v DC, and finally, residential refrigerators, which only work on 120v AC. RV Propane Refrigerators Two-way RV refrigerators run on both propane and 120v AC…

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10 Things Not to Do When Camping

camping don'ts

Camping and RV living brings a great sense of freedom and peace of mind. However, for some people, “freedom” seems to mean freedom from personal responsibility. While you are boondocking in the great outdoors, you need to keep a few things in mind; not only for the benefit of the…

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The Advantages of a Class A Motorhome

advantages Class A motorhome

Whether you want to winter in Florida or plan to snowbird out West, there are advantages to choosing a Class A motorhome. If you’re planning on getting into the RV lifestyle, you’re undoubtedly wondering what type of rig to choose. Should you go with a travel trailer or a 5th…

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Spending the Summer in the White Mountains of Arizona

While many in Arizona escape to Flagstaff, Payson or Prescott during the summer, there is another, high, cool mountainous place. The White Mountains along the eastern edge of the state are teeming with elk, beautiful lakes, and majestic Ponderosa pine. It’s a great getaway, and there are plenty of places…

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Is Dumping Gray Water from Your RV Legal?

If you are boondocking, your gray water tank is likely to fill up more quickly than your black tank. You may also have noticed that some of your fellow boodockers dump their gray water on the ground. Whether or not that is illegal depends on where you are; some jurisdictions…

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Comparing a Few Popular RV Camping Websites and Apps

When you’re traveling in an RV, mobile apps and websites can often come in handy. Two favorites of the RV community are the Allstays app and the RV Parky app. Also keep in mind, both of these apps also have free websites, so an app isn’t really necessary. You can…

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You Will Survive a One Night Freeze in Your RV

If you’re boondocking somewhere with moderate temperatures in the day, that dip to freezing overnight, you might worry about your tanks or water lines freezing. Rest assured, if it’s freezing temperatures for just a few hours, you probably have nothing to worry about. Most of your water lines, if not…

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6 Reasons Why RVing is Not Camping

There is quite a bit of controversy when it comes to the subject of whether or not Rving is camping; some say it is, and some say no, it’s absolutely not camping. The Definition of Camping Wikipedia defines camping as; “an outdoor activity which involves staying overnight in a shelter,…

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Why RV Boondockers Need Propane

The uses for propane in an RV are many; this multi-use gas can allow the fearless RVer to embark on adventures outside the confines of a full hookup RV park. If you want to “boondock” an RV outfitted with a propane refrigerator and stove and is what you want. If…

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