Fulltime RV Preventing Condensation Damp Rid

Prevent mold and mildew from growing in the nooks and crannies of your rig as best you can by keeping it dry inside. What happens is, when it’s cold outside, but warm inside your RV the moisture condenses on the windows and walls, and can contribute to mold and mildew. Keeping the roof vents and windows open for ventilation is the best thing, but that’s not possible in the cold weather. Continue reading

Replacing RV Carpet with Vinyl Wood Planks Fulltime RV

I spent 3 days on my own tearing up the dashboard and cockpit area, and both of us 5 days to finish it off! Sorry I didn’t get the video of carpeting the engine housing, but that was an intense day, and I forgot. MESSAGE TO RV DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS: Carpet does not belong in a “camper”. Continue reading

RV Awning Unrolled While Driving Fulltime RV

My awning partially unrolled while going 50 mph! The wind was a constant 25-40 mph non-stop for more than 3 days, so I took it into an RV repair place to get help getting it safely re-rolled. Turns out, the people I bought it from had apparently left the awning arms unlocked, and only secured with the straps! One was taken off, and the rear arm came down enough to let it 1/2 unroll! Continue reading

Fulltime RV and the Permanent Physical Address

One thing to consider, is the “permanent physical address” required on a lot of forms. You can use the address of a friend or family, but if you want to move your domicile to another state, don’t have family, or don’t have family where you want to be, it could…

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Nomad Plug Portable Solar Charger Test and Review

I donated on Indie GoGo to this family start up, and got this as a gift. Works well, charges my iPod completely in 1/2 – 1 hour. Small, storable, and versatile. One suggestion, more complete instructions, but this is the company start up package. Best of luck, Nomad Plug, I…

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RV Boondocking My Batteries Down on Solar

I’ve been boondocking for about a week, and the batteries were fully charged the whole time, till this morning, down to 1/4 all of a sudden! I ran the generator for maybe 45 minutes, and all is well again. I only have the one 90W panel hooked up.
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Fulltime RV ing Means Travelling Light

I spent all day at this, so condensing it down to 16 minutes, not bad! If you plan on living in an RV (or other small space) periodically, you have to go through everything, getting rid of stuff. Sentimentality? Forget it!

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