Fulltime RV Hillbilly Wheel Covers

I have some nice Camco wheel covers, but the wheel wells on the front of my RV are very deep, making it very hard to reach my arms up and over the tires. I have seen the expensive Class As with a sort of curtain that snaps over, so this is my cheap do it yourself version. Continue reading

Retrofitting My Fulltime RV Propane for an Extra Tank

I needed to get an extra fitting installed to use an extra, outside propane tank. Wasn’t too expensive. This will come in handy, when I either can’t find a propane station to fill the onboard tank, or, if I am parked for a few weeks. It’s easier to just take this in the car, and get it refilled, or trade it in. Continue reading

Changing the 751 RV Locks for Combination Locks

Did you know, all RVs, travel trailers, 5th Wheels, etc, all have the same locks, with the same key, unless you change them? The key says 751, and that means, anyone with a key can open your storage, and get into your stuff! Not to be paranoid, but, seems wise to do something about that! Continue reading

RV Back Up Camera ~ JVC Reciever and Clarion Camera

Got the back up camera set up! It comes on automatically when the RV is put in reverse, but I can also push a button and have it on while I am driving, to see who is following me! The camera is a Clarion CC510, and it has distance guide lines; red, orange, yellow and green. Mine is about 5 feet to the red line, and 12 feet to the green line. (Disclaimer, these are my measurements, for my camera, measure your own if you want to, and follow the manufactuerer’s instructions. If you get into an accident after watching my informative little video, it’s on you!) Continue reading

Removing the Extra Chair from the RV

Wow, can’t get the damn chair out! Had to make an appointment and take it into the shop, fortunately, it only cost me $50. Now, the dog has a kennel, so he can de-stress on the drive, and I can also keep him contained if he goes “Chupacabra” on someone. (I know he looks cute, but he can get really aggressive!) Continue reading