Washing and Waxing the RV

People ask, how do you wash that thing? You get an RV washing brush, and just wash it, like a big car! I used some special fiberglass anti-oxidant and polish, and she is now gleaming in the sun! Continue reading

I Try the Dishwasher Soap & Ice RV Toilet Trick

I tried cleaning the sensors on my black tank with the often recommended “dishwasher detergent and ice” trick. In theory, the ice is supposed to swish and bang around, knocking crud off the sensors before melting… only problem, I have these twisty, turny toilet pipes that get clogged easily, and the ice would not go down! Oh well, it helped a little! Continue reading

I Replace the Water Pump in My RV

The water pump always went “chug, chug, chug” and it also started making weird electronic noises. It was still working, but I thought I had better get it replaced while I could. You know how these things are, you will be out in the middle of nowhere, and…. fail! While I was at it, I also got another DC cigarette lighter plug put in at the dinette, so I can plug in my 400W inverter for the laptop.

I Install Airtabs on my Class A RV

Airtabs are supposed to make an un-aerodynamic vehicle more aerodynamic. They are sold for big rig trucks, but also very good for RVs, they’re supposed to cut way down on the “whoosh” and push when a big truck roars by you on the interstate, making the RV easier to handle. They’re also supposed to improve gas mileage. There were a lot of good reviews on RV forums (not shills) so I decided to make the investment. We’ll see how they perform next time I hit the road! Continue reading

Fulltime RV Hillbilly Wheel Covers

I have some nice Camco wheel covers, but the wheel wells on the front of my RV are very deep, making it very hard to reach my arms up and over the tires. I have seen the expensive Class As with a sort of curtain that snaps over, so this is my cheap do it yourself version. Continue reading