Replacing the RV Day Night Shade

Wow, that was a job! Those valances are pretty, but not made to be worked around. Took about an hour. Get your measurements exact before ordering the shade. Day night shades are nice, the night part also really blocks out heat from the sun, the day part does let in…

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P30 Workhorse Chassis Steering Yikes! Steer Safe Steering Stabilizer to the Rescue!

Those who have been following my videos have probably heard me complain about the handling of the RV; sometimes, it’s downright scary! Road wander, truck blow back, wind, any little rut or bump in the road, and you are veering off, constant steering. The solution? A steering stabilizer (or a track bar, air bags too) I picked this one, good reviews, easy, and affordable (for a steering stabilizer!) Continue reading

Washing and Waxing the RV

People ask, how do you wash that thing? You get an RV washing brush, and just wash it, like a big car! I used some special fiberglass anti-oxidant and polish, and she is now gleaming in the sun! Continue reading