Toto the Xolo Does Lake Tahoe

It was nippy out, so I had Toto bundled up in his fleece jumpsuit, and his fleece hoodie. Chase birds, look for garbage to eat, run, run, run like a crazy dog! Click here for Xoloitzcuintli on Amazon.

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The Road to and from Virginia City Fulltime RV

The feds cancelled my boondocking plans with the 2013 government shut down, my frig was on the fritz, so I headed towards Mound House NV to get it looked at. A loose wire on the frig, and right up the road, Virginia City! why not? I didn’t have anyplace elseā€¦

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Fulltime RV to Virginia City

As luck would have it, I was passing by Virginia City! They gave me a discount rate, so I stayed a week! Nice place. It gets busy with tourists on the weekend, but during the week, very quiet, and laid back. Nice people. FYI, there is no grocery store or anything but tourist stuff, so BYO. And the restraunts open late and close early, like 6 pm, and they are rather expensive. Continue reading