Do You Have These 10 Personality Traits? Do You Have What it Takes to Be A Fulltime RVer?

fulltime rving personality

Not everyone has the temperament or personality to pack up everything into an RV and hit the road fulltime. Do you revel in the journey, more than the destination? Can you keep calm when things go wrong? Can you keep a small space neat and organized? If you yes to most, or all, of the following personality traits, then the fulltime RV lifestyle may just be for you.


The ablility to adapt quickly to new places is essential to living on the road. Unless you’re staying long term or permanently at one location, your environment will constantly change. You will find yourself at a different RV park or campground, in a different city and state, every few days or weeks. Also, plans can change last minute, and you may need to find anew travel route, or a new place to stay on the fly. If you can easily go with the flow, and think on the fly, then a life on the road my be for you.


If you want to live fulltime on the road, you will need to be very independent. You will be on your own schedule, and can go anywhere, anytime, but with that freedom comes to some unique responsibility. If you are not retired, you will need the discipline to schedule your time for work, find work on the road, you will need to know how to make at least small repairs, have a plan for break downs, know how to read a map, keeping to a budget, know how to find essential services, etc, etc, etc.


If you have an adventurous spirit, love going to places you’ve never been to before, and like trying new things, fulltime RVing may be for you. If you like road trips, hiking, kayaking, trying new foods and restaurants, archeology, geology, and learning about the history of the areas you visit, then you will love living fulltime on the road in an RV.


Are you able to handle difficult situations, such as when something in the RV breaks, and you are no where near a repair shop? Can you come up with creative new solutions to potential problems, such as where to find water or a dump station on the road? If you can think on your feet, and roll with the punches, you might do well as a fulltime RVer.

Self Sufficiency

A self sufficient camper will be able to take care of their basic needs, without any help. Boondocking in the desert without hookups? You have your own solar power, carry your own supply of water, you can cook your own food, without a microwave, and even filter your own potable drinking water. Self Sufficiency can also mean the ability to live alone for weeks at a time, if you are not part of a couple.


Fulltime RVing has its own set of challenges, and just like living in sticks and bricks, having patience can make life easier. For those days when your camping neighbors are partying too loud, you take the wrong exit, your water heater breaks down again, the personality trait of patience will go a long way.


Some days on the road are easy, and other days not so much. Life on the road comes with ups and downs, adventure, and challenges. Maintaining a home on wheels takes time, money, energy and effort. A dedicated person will stick with it, despite stuff like a flat tire, because they understand there will be much greater things, right around the next corner.


Keeping your environment neat, clean and organized is vital in a small space like an RV. Your dishes need to be washed at least once a day, floor swept, make regular trips to the thrift store to get rid of your unused stuff, and you need to use your resourcefulness to come up with storage solutions to ease any clutter.

Open Mindedness

Keeping an open mind is important for a life on the road. When you are willing to consider new ideas, and try new ways of doing things, you can discover new methods that can save you a money, time or space. Also, keeping an open mind to new places you may not have considered before, could open the road to exciting new people and adventures you will cherish for a lifetime.


Living a thrifty lifestyle just means to live a simply. You’re not wasteful, and you’re smart with your money. You know how to find bargains, get discounts on campgrounds, and find free boondocking. Thriftiness will keep you going a lot further down the road!

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