Eight Photography Skills You Need to Practice

Here is the concept; to put set aside days in your RV lifestyle, to practice your photography skills. Take the time to practice any photography skills that you’ve learned. Consequently, you’ll see your photography improve with practice. You can try assigning yourself challenges, to the only shoot in one particular way each day. These assignments can relate to your camera settings, such as switching off some automatic setting of your camera. As a result, you can commit yourself to really honing your skills and to practice different techniques. By focusing in on one particular photography skill at a time, you can really see improvements. As a result, the next time you need that skill, you’re ready to go!

Here are eight skills to practice:

1. Focal length/lens – either choose a single prime lens or a focal length and only shoot at that focal length for a whole day. This will teach you a lot about that focal length, and it will make you think a little more about your composition.

2.One aperture – Choose an aperture, and try to stick to it all day. Try shooting in Aperture Priority mode, and choose to shoot at one end of the aperture spectrum. This will teach you a lot about the depth of field, and you will also learn how to balance shutter speeds and ISO to get well-exposed images.

3. One shutter speed – Try capturing subjects with either long or very fast shutter speeds. You can do this in Shutter Priority Mode.

4.Manual Exposure Mode – Set yourself an assignment to shoot in manual mode all day. This is the best way possible to teach yourself about exposure.

5. Manual Focus – Switch to shooting with manual focus. This will really help you to think about focal points.

6.Compositional Rules – Choose a ‘rule’ such as the Rule of Thirds, and adhere to it in every shot you take.

7.Lighting Technique – Practice your skills with a particular lighting technique. Natural light, window shots, one light portrait setups, silhouettes, classic lighting, etc

8. Recreate the work of a famous photographer – Choose an image from an iconic photographer, set out to recreate it. It is useful to analyze the work of others, in doing so, you can learn a lot.

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