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ebay campers for saleThere are a lot of great, used RVs, campers and motorhomes out there, priced just right for you! Did you ever think of searching on eBay for your future fulltime RVing home on wheels? Constantly updating RSS feed of new and used eBay campers and RVs, with the most current eBay RV affiliate sale listings.

Any deals made are between you and the seller, I am simply providing an updated affiliate ad RSS feed.

eBay RVs for Sale

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Tips for Buying a Used eBay RV

First thing, you must go see the camper, trailer or motorhome in person.

Make sure the seller actually owns the RV and has a clear title.

Inspect the roof for any damage. Look at the ceiling for any water stains or signs of leaking. A leaking RV roof can be hard to fix, and could be a deal-breaker.

Likewise, check under the sinks and around the shower for leaks.

Check the tires. Worn tires are an easy fix, although RV tires are expensive.

When checking the tires, look for signs of poor alignment.

Turn on the propane and check for leaks. Also, make sure the propane alarm is working.

Check to make sure all of the appliances work.

Check to see if the air conditioner and furnace work.

Make sure the electrical system is in proper working order.

Inspect the RV for signs of rodents. Mice can be a common problem.

Inspect the exterior fiberglass for signs of delamination.

If it is a motorhome, you’ll need to check all of the usual “car stuff”.

Look at the mileage. You want to keep the mileage relatively low.

Make sure the transmission is in good shape.

Make sure the engine has been serviced, and is not worn.

Take it for a test drive, even if you’ve never driven anything that big before. You have to start sometime!

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