Finding Free RV Dump Stations on the Road

RV dump stations

There are a few free options on the road for dumping your black and grey tanks, and refilling the fresh. Here are a few tips to help you to find free locations for dumping and filling. Mark these locations on your paper map, in case you don’t have cell phone service while on the road.

Use the Internet

Websites like and have just the information you need: master lists of RV dump sites across the country. Some of these are free, so check the listings, map out the dump sites along your route, and put the locations into your GPS.

Download an App

There are apps available to download to your smart phone, which can help you to find an RV dump station. One app is RV Dump Station Locator, which includes both paid dump stations and free. You may need cell service on your phone, so don’t rely on this as your only resource. It’s a smart idea to research dump stations when you have solid internet, and write it down on paper. If you won’t have cell service on the road, use the app when you do. Write down the locations, and load the cooridnates into your GPS unit.

State, County and Town Dump Sites

Many states run RV dump sites are located near popular camping spots, as well as at some rest stops along the highway. Counties and small towns may also have an RV dump station. These facilities are often free, or at a nominal fee.

Ask a Fellow Camper

RVers tend to be social, so if you find yourself in a casual conversation, bring up the subject of dump stations, along different highways and areas. Your fellow RVers might be your best resource of information on where to dump and refill your fresh tanks.

Keep a Look Out

As you drive along the highway, pay attention to road signs that may indicate an RV dump station. It is always a good idea to pay attention along the road, as you never know what you are going to find along the way. Watch the road signs, and you may find not only a good overnight place to park, but also a place to dump your tanks for free.

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