Four Great Camera Tips for Enhanced Digital Photos

Large_format_camera_lensYou have just purchased a new digital camera, and you’re very excited to start taking photos with your new gadget. But Alas, your pictures do not look as good as you want. No need to worry, just keep reading for four new tricks for taking more interesting and memorable digital photos.

Trick #1 – Try different camera exposure settings

By experimenting with the exposure settings of your camera, you can create more brilliant looking pictures. By underexposing 0.5 to 2 stops in bright light, scenes appear clearer, by using some overexposure. Just by changing the level of exposure, you can create
photos that bring out and express different moods. Beginners can try bracketing (take the same photo, with different exposure levels) and see which is your favorite look.

Trick #2 – Try creative blur in your photos

By using some well thought out blur in your photos, you can enhance certain important focal points, while using the rest of the phots as a compliment. This can be done in two basic types.

The first type is the depth-of-field blur. You can do this by varying the lens aperture between 0.4 to 1.4 This can create a lovely, soft-focus background blur, which brings a sharp focus to the subject in the foreground.

The second type is movement blur. This is done by setting the camera exposure on shutter priority and keeping it slow. This way, you can capture interesting streaks as the subject moves in front of the camera.

Trick #3 – Create something out of nothing

This experiment will encourage you to take a step back, and rethink how you can take great pictures, with things you already encounter on a daily basis.

One approach is to compose your shot around the common design elements of lines, space and patterns. This can mean anything from road, bridges, trees, stair railings and more. You start to see more possibilities and room for creativity when you start looking at your environment geometrically.

Trick #4 – Take Unique Photos

Avoid taking photos from popular places, where everyone else has shot photos. Try out some new, extreme photography, such as underwater photography, or maybe shoot through thick glass for a 3D feel, or try shooting reflections of objects in water, mirrors or other reflective surfaces.

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