Free RV Camping Around Prescott AZ

free camping Prescott AZ

Thumb Butte, Prescott AZ

Just 100 miles north of Phoenix, is the small city of Prescott AZ. It’s no wonder Prescott is one of the most popular camping areas in the state; its the perfect place to beat the summer heat in Arizona. Nestled within a cool Ponderosa Pine forest at 5,600 feet Prescott offers many opportunities for summer camping.

What Makes Prescott Great for RV Camping?

If you live in the Phoenix metro area, the first thing that makes Prescott great is the mild summer weather. The summer temperatures in Prescott are nearly 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix. Also, cool fragrant pine forests lakes always provide welcome relief from the intense heat of summer in Phoenix.

Many have described Prescott as a hidden gem; the beauty of the Prescott National Forest makes camping here very special; it’s a great place to see all types of plants and animals. You could see deer, coyotes, rabbits or a skunk. You may even have the rare bobcat, fox, bear or even mountain lion sighting. The forest is also home to blue jays, hawks, and even bald eagles.

Things to Do in Prescott AZ

The best thing to do when camping around Prescott is simply relaxing, and enjoy the mild summer temperatures and natural beauty. However, there are also fun things to do in town. Prescott has many nice affordable restaurants and activities.

The World’s Oldest Rodeo and Prescott Frontier Days. On the 4th of July weekend, the world’s oldest rodeo takes place in Prescott. It’s been a local tradition since 1888 and takes place in a stadium built during the 1930s. The week-long Frontier Days events feature the rodeo, parade and arts and crafts fair.

Sharlot Hall Museum. This is a cultural and educational center, featuring the history of Arizona. It has 11 exhibit buildings and a research center for the collections and the conservation of artifacts.

The Heritage Park Zoo. This is an animal sanctuary, with more than 200 rescued animals. These include black bears, a Bengal tiger, two Clouded Leopards, lynx, bobcats, Mexican Gray Wolves, numerous reptiles, lemurs, and lots of tarantulas.

Whiskey Row. This is an entire old-town block of historic bars and saloons where America’s most famous cowboys and outlaws drank, womanized and gambled their lives away.

Free Boondocking Around Prescott

There are several locations around Prescott in the Prescott National Forest where you can camp for free. However, unlike most free camping areas, the boondocking spots around Prescott are limited to 7 days.

A free RV dump station is located at 1500 Sundog Ranch Road in Prescott, Arizona at the Prescott Wastewater Treatment Plant. However, they are closed on weekends and holidays.

The Enchanted Forest Trail

Maximum stay 7 days
GPS: 34.4961, -112.3774

Senator Highway

Maximum stay 7 days
GPS: 34.4493, -112.4365

Sundance Road

Maximum stay 7 days
GPS: 34.4436, -112.4377

Trittle Mountain Road

Maximum stay 7 days
GPS: 34.4502, -112.4444

Wolf Creek Road

Maximum stay 7 days
GPS: 34.4586, -112.48

Copper Basin Road

Maximum stay 7 days
GPS: 34.5072, -112.5187

Thumb Butte Loop

Maximum stay 7 days
GPS: 34.5141, -112.5569

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