Keeping Your RV Pet Cool in the Summer

RVing with pets

If your RV pet could pass along a suggestion for the summer, it would be to find some simple solutions to make traveling across America in your RV more comfortable in the heat.

One frugal solution is to get a cooling pad, which is a mat made out of cold gel. You may find one at a pet store, and but Amazon has a wide variety of cooling pads, in different sizes.

The pad is soft, and the gel inside is noticeably cooler to the touch than the ambient temperature. Your dog or cat will find it very comfortable and in hot weather! Just make sure you get one big enough for your pet to stretch out.

Another option is to get a cooling vest. Amazon has a wide variety of cooling vests in all sizes and colors, for every type of dog (and even cats). Soak the vest in cold water, wring it out, and put the cooling vest on your dog or cat. As the water evaporates, the temperature drops, and the mesh fabric wicks the water from the middle absorbent cotton layer holding the water, isolating it from the dog or cat’s skin. The dog cooling vest is also UV protective, shielding your dog from the strong sun of summer while hiking, and protecting short haired, light skinned or hairless dogs from sunburn.

For outdoor comfort, while lounging around the picnic table, an elevated pet bed with a canopy could be the answer. This pet bed is easily collapsible into it’s own carrying case, and will allow your pet to enjoy the outdoors during the heat of the day, in their own private, shaded space. The breathable, waterproof mesh will allow air to flow underneath, keeping your pet cool and comfortable during the hot days. It will also raise your pet off the cold ground or floors in winter, and protect your pet from dirt and crawling insects on the ground. Click here for elevated pet beds with canopies on Amazon.

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