RV Storage Ideas and Tricks- Reorganizing My Fulltime RV

Really need to organize, simplify, and make room for the next big project! Here are some RV storage ideas and tips.

5 RV Storage Ideas and Tips Before You Begin…

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#1 Take Stock of What You’ve Got

Go through everything you have, and while you are doing this, really consider how much do you need this item, and how much do you actually use it? Going full time in your RV is not a time for sentimentality, it’s a time for new beginnings!

#2 Get Rid of the Stuff You Don’t Use

Do you really need a full set of dinnerware? Unless you’re traveling with your whole family, probably not. Do you really need a business suit, or an evening gown and high heels? Probably not. Gather up all that stuff you don’t really need, really don’t use, and next stop, drop it off at a thrift store.

#3 Designate a Place for Everything

EVERYTHING. Your keys, your tools, quarters for the laundromat, sunglasses, everything. This is the only way you’ll ever get your RV to stay organized.

#4 “One In, One Out”

Anytime you bring something new into the RV, at least one should go to the thrift store. For example, if you buy some new clothes or shoes, you must go through and get rid of any old ones that don’t fit, look old, or you haven’t really worn them.

#5 Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

When you RV, you must put everything away, before you start to drive. This is always a good time to do some cleaning; wiping down the dinette table, cleaning the counter, dusting things off.

If you are parked for a while, it is also a good idea to clean up every day; if you are boondocking, early morning is a good time; do things, like straightening up, that don’t require electricity until your solar panels are warmed up. Keeping the sink free of dirty dishes, and the laundry put away will give you more space to live.

#6 Use Nets and Curtain Rods

Putting up nets across your cabinets, can keep things from falling out, once you stop and open them up. I simply cut up cheap net laundry baskets from Walmart, and stapled Velcro to the nets, and inside the cabinets. Also, cheap, expandable curtain rods can keep things inside cabinets in their place, and they make special shorter ones just for inside RV cabinets.

Here are few items that can help you to keep everything in your RV securely in its place!

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