RV Back Up Camera ~ JVC Reciever and Clarion Camera

Got the back up camera set up! It comes on automatically when the RV is put in reverse, but I can also push a button and have it on while I am driving, to see who is following me! The camera is a Clarion CC510, and it has distance guide lines; red, orange, yellow and green. Mine is about 5 feet to the red line, and 12 feet to the green line. (Disclaimer, these are my measurements, for my camera, measure your own if you want to, and follow the manufactuerer’s instructions. If you get into an accident after watching my informative little video, it’s on you!)

The receiver is a JVC, not sure of the model, but it has nice sound, a front auxillary jack to plug in my iPod and cellphone to stream pod casts, plays CDs and DVDs (don’t watch movies while driving!) and is generally very nice and I like it! It also has a USB plug coming from the back, you theoretically can plug your iPod into, but it doesn’t seem to work; maybe we installed it wrong, or I don’t know what I’m doing? In any case, don’t really need it, works fine with front auxillary.

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