RVs Getting More Popular

After the nomad lifestyle and covered wagons made history centuries ago, more recently, it became associated with the hippy lifestyle. Nowadays the “caravan” is having a surprising recovery.

Knights used the covered wagons in the Crusades, and the people who afforded to have once used it as a means for moving around freely. The conquest of Wild West is probably the one who made the covered wagon famous. What would it have been like to cross the Rocky Mountains without the covered wagons? The alternative was a cold draughty ride on a horse, or tramping along in the mud. Only a hundred years ago, you could see brightly painted horse-pulled Romany caravans on our roads.

But what about now, when you have roads and maps, and so many means of getting where you want? What would be now the role of “covered wagons”? You can find the answer in the need of freedom people are still having.

In the last century, motor-car ownership took off. But the same thing has happened to RVs. For decades the typical image of RVers was probably that of a hippy family in an old VW. Nowadays the image of RVs is so much improved; in many cases, RVs became a luxury home-from-home with a price to match.

By the time more people had money to spend, they became interested in having their own RV. Unlike the Old West days, RVs have the freedom to travel all over the country, in comfort. These RVers often can be located by the sea, or by the wild forests, or in the deserts of the Southwest.

Lately, RVing has become one of the country’s most popular lifestyles. Celebrities enjoy this way of traveling, or more accurately, this way of living. Actresses like Helen Mirren are owners and satisfied users of a luxury motorhome.

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