When Boondockers Finally Go to an RV Park

Every once in a while, even hardcore boondockers pull out their wallets and check into an RV park. On these rare occasions, it’s important to make the most of it. So, let’s go over a list of things to do when boondockers go to an RV park. These are just…

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10 Things Not to Do When Camping

camping don'ts

Camping and RV living brings a great sense of freedom and peace of mind. However, for some people, “freedom” seems to mean freedom from personal responsibility. While you are boondocking in the great outdoors, you need to keep a few things in mind; not only for the benefit of the…

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Can You Run Your RV Generator All Night?

Many RVers want to run their generator all night, in order to run their air conditioner or the furnace. Likewise, they may need to run something critical, like a C-Pap or oxygen machine. While generators can run all night, there are a few reasons that may not be a good…

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5 Signs That It’s Heat Stroke

It’s time for summer camping! However, during hot summer weather, it’s important to know the symptoms of heatstroke. Heatstroke will develop with prolonged exposure to the heat, and generally happens along with dehydration. It can happen while summer camping, or while stuck in traffic without air conditioning. Heatstroke occurs when…

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Summer RV Tips to Help Keep You Cool in the Summer

About the only places in North America with temperatures below 90-100 degrees in the summer are on the extreme Northwest or Northeast coasts, in the mountains above 7,000 feet, or in far north Canada or Alaska. If you can’t escape to a great, cool weather place for the summer, here…

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The Advantages of Van Life

van life

Why living the van life? Vans absolutely do not have the homey comforts of an RV, such as a bathroom or a kitchen. However, it’s cheaper compared to an RV, it’s easier to park, and you can go places a big rig can’t. Below are some tips to make life…

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3 Easy Steps to Keep Our Free RV Overnights

Back in the good old days RVers, could park just about anywhere, without getting told to leave. Unfortunately, too many RVers have overstayed their welcome, leaving trash, and even dumping their sewer water on the ground. As a result, city ordinances against overnight RV parking are enacted every day, leaving…

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Off Leash Walk Colorado River Laughlin RV Boondocking

Walking my Mexican hairless dog off leash along the Colorado river, near the Avi Casino in Laughlin NV, while boondocking in the parking lot.

Laughlin Boat Tour Fulltime RV Boondocking

The Riverside Hotel and Casino in Laughlin NV has a nice boat tour of the Colorado River, from Davis Dam through Bullhead City.