EMP Protection For Your Tow Vehicle and RV

Vehicle Micro-circuitry & Computer Chips Will be a Problem During an EMP First of all, most tests performed by the government and by private companies have concluded that most pre-1990 vehicles will largely be unaffected by the EMP. The engine and mechanical parts of a vehicle will remain intact. However,…

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Hickison Petroglyphs Compilation

Hickison petroglyphs is on Highway 50, between Austin and Ely in Nevada. Free RV boondocking, bring your own water!

Bob Scott Campground NV Boondocking with Water

There’s communal water and flush toilets at Bob Scott, and the high elevation keeps the temperatures down a bit. The paid area is 10 campsites for $10 a day, and there are 4-5 “free” sites just outside the entrance. Other RVers mentioned “out back, behind” but it looks like the powers that be fenced that off. Continue reading

Stocking Up for 2-3 Months of Bug Out Boondocking

I have bought more, got some organic meats in the freezer, and a total of 5 cases of canned for Toto, plus bones. This is meant to last for 2-3 months. Of course, I will need to buy fresh veggies along the way, grow some sprouts, and hopefully, find organic yogurt in the small towns I will stay in for a few days to dump and refill tanks. Continue reading

How Much Does Living Full Time in an RV Cost?

Everyone wants to know, “How much does full-time RV living cost?” They want to see a detailed chart, breaking down every little expense. However, every RVer is not living the same life. Also, food and gas prices are constantly changing, from week to week, and from place to place. So,…

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