Free RV Boondocking Hawthorne Nevada

Hawthorne is on Highway 95, sort of NW-central Nevada. You can camp for free at the El Capitan Casino, which has a dump station, also at Walker Lake (free, or cheap) There are also paid campgrounds in Hawthorne, as well as in nearby Mina.

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Valley of Fire State Park Nevada Fulltime RV

It was too hot the first week of April, got up to 97 degrees inside the RV. Beautiful place, but also very busy with tourists from all over, and would probably be even busier during the winter season. And my dog did not like it here for some reason, beyond…

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Fulltime RV Wifi Internet and Phone

I had a internet hot spot, which runs on the Verizon network, with 20 GB of data for $89 a month. I had a Sprint smart phone, which is great in the cities, but doesn’t get a signal most places, so I got a Verizon ‘dumb phone’ for $49 a month, since the hot spot powers my laptop and tablet, and Verizon smart phone plans are so expensive. Unfortunately, Verizon has the widest coverage, so if you plan on traveling, you might have to go with it. Continue reading

Fulltime RV Tahoe Recon Mission

Went up the mountain in the Suzuki, and messed up on the GPS coordinates (Different formats? Which format am I on?) Anyways, need to make another trip, after the snow is done. Getting mixed messages; some say there are a lot of free boondocking places, others say, pickins are slim. So we will see. Continue reading

Nomad Plug Portable Solar Charger Test and Review

I donated on Indie GoGo to this family start up, and got this as a gift. Works well, charges my iPod completely in 1/2 – 1 hour. Small, storable, and versatile. One suggestion, more complete instructions, but this is the company start up package. Best of luck, Nomad Plug, I…

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RV Boondocking My Batteries Down on Solar

I’ve been boondocking for about a week, and the batteries were fully charged the whole time, till this morning, down to 1/4 all of a sudden! I ran the generator for maybe 45 minutes, and all is well again. I only have the one 90W panel hooked up.
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How to Properly Use RV Inline Water Filters IMHO

I always put my filter on the RV end, but I started noticing other people putting it on the faucet end, so I thought, maybe I’m doing it wrong, and tried it the other way…. wrong! Think about it; the hose is laying in the hot sun, breeding bacteria, and…

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