Toto the Xolo Does Lake Tahoe

It was nippy out, so I had Toto bundled up in his fleece jumpsuit, and his fleece hoodie. Chase birds, look for garbage to eat, run, run, run like a crazy dog! Click here for Xoloitzcuintli on Amazon.

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Blacktop Boondocking Walmart in S. Carson City

The weather got weird, so I thought I’d hunker down in Carson, rather than risk late snow in Tahoe. Not my favorite style of RV living, but we will make do, til the weather clears, and I come up with another plan of action! Map to the Carson City Walmart.…

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Fulltime RV 4″ Snow in May Lake Tahoe

I woke up to a snow storm! And I had to move today! It all worked out, and all totaled, it was about 4″ of snow in late May. See the current weather in Lake Tahoe below. Free campsites in Tahoe. SOUTH LAKE TAHOE WEATHER

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Scotts Lake Tahoe RV Boondocking

Go west on HWY 50 from S. Lake Tahoe, then south on SR 89 from the town of Meyers. As you begin to make the climb up Luther Pass on SR 89, you’ll come to a significant turn in the road that veers off to the left. This an entrance to the Big Meadow campground to the left. The entrance to the campground can be easy to miss, it’s slightly recessed, and just after the bend in the road. You know you’ve driven too far if you reach the flat stretch of highway on top of Luther Pass. You’ll need to turn around and try again. Once you reach the entrance to Big Meadow campground, make a quick left turn and park your vehicle in the free parking area.