USB Ceiling Fan DIY Project for RV Boondocking

This is a very simple RV DIY project you can do for around $30, or less. Likewise, it works best if your RV has  a carpeted ceiling. All you need is a USB fan, a USB battery pack, and some industrial strength velcro. First, velcro the fan’s stand, with the…

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Summer RV Tips to Help Keep You Cool in the Summer

About the only places in North America with temperatures below 90-100 degrees in the summer are on the extreme Northwest or Northeast coasts, in the mountains above 7,000 feet, or in far north Canada or Alaska. If you can’t escape to a great, cool weather place for the summer, here…

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Water Heater Went Out Fulltime RV

My hot water heater went out, and I had to pay someone to fix it!

RV Wind Turbine VAWT Part 3 FAIL!

Part 2:

Fulltime RV VAWT Wind Turbine Part 2

Wind Project Part 1: Beginning to have doubts about this…

Fulltime RV VAWT Wind Generator Attempt: Part 1

My first attempt at a do it yourself vertical axis wind turbine for the motorhome.