Comparing a Few Popular RV Camping Websites and Apps

When you’re traveling in an RV, mobile apps and websites can often come in handy. Two favorites of the RV community are the Allstays app and the RV Parky app. Also keep in mind, both of these apps also have free websites, so an app isn’t really necessary. You can…

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Living the RV Digital Nomad Lifestyle

It’s an aspiration for many; working online, living frugally on the road while camping in beautiful, natural environments. But what’s really involved, in “living the dream”? Let’s delve into some key factors of the RV digital nomad lifestyle while focusing on boondocking (camping off-grid). Choose the Right Profession Some “work…

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RV Internet: Stay Connected Online From Your RV

If you are traveling, and especially, if you like to go boondocking off-grid in your RV, you often won’t have cellphone service, or an an RV internet connection. That is a simple fact. In order to optimize your chances of getting cell service while on the road, and while off-grid,…

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Fulltime RV Wifi Internet and Phone

I had a internet hot spot, which runs on the Verizon network, with 20 GB of data for $89 a month. I had a Sprint smart phone, which is great in the cities, but doesn’t get a signal most places, so I got a Verizon ‘dumb phone’ for $49 a month, since the hot spot powers my laptop and tablet, and Verizon smart phone plans are so expensive. Unfortunately, Verizon has the widest coverage, so if you plan on traveling, you might have to go with it. Continue reading