Highway 50 the Loneliest Road Fulltime RV

It’s not so bad but it does seem to go on forever and ever…. 37 miles to Austin seemed like 137 miles! Sorry for the window glare, I took off early in the morning, driving East.

Stocking Up for 2-3 Months of Bug Out Boondocking

I have bought more, got some organic meats in the freezer, and a total of 5 cases of canned for Toto, plus bones. This is meant to last for 2-3 months. Of course, I will need to buy fresh veggies along the way, grow some sprouts, and hopefully, find organic yogurt in the small towns I will stay in for a few days to dump and refill tanks. Continue reading

Highway 50 Lake Tahoe to Placerville Fulltime RV

Free Boondocking at the Red Hawk Casino, see map. This is a little bit of a tricky road, but we made it! All twists and turns, mostly one lane each way, with two lanes occasionally for passing. 1 Red Hawk Parkway Placerville, California GPS: 38.691055, -120.898705

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