The Advantages of a Class A Motorhome

advantages Class A motorhome

Whether you want to winter in Florida or plan to snowbird out West, there are advantages to choosing a Class A motorhome. If you’re planning on getting into the RV lifestyle, you’re undoubtedly wondering what type of rig to choose. Should you go with a travel trailer or a 5th wheel? A van? Or maybe a Class A or a Class C motorhome?

While any style of RV could be a good choice for you, let’s specifically look into the benefits of a Class A motorhome.

The Advantages of a Class A Motorhome

While many people shy away from this style of RV because they’re afraid to drive it or park it, it actually has many benefits.

More Room Inside

Among the biggest benefits of a Class A, is it has more room inside; even if you buy a smaller Class A motorhome, let’s say, one that’s 25-28 feet long, it will have more room inside than a comparable Class C.

This is because the cockpit area is within the living space. Once you’re parked and settled in, you can use this area as extra seating or storage. That extra room is important, especially if you’re planning to live full time in it over the winter.

Also, having the cockpit included in the living area means that it’s easier to move around. You won’t have to duck under the cabover or climb over the doghouse to get to the living space.

More Storage

A Class A motorhome has more overall storage compared to any other type of RV. It has more interior closets and cabinets, more exterior storage, simply more storage overall. If you’re planning to snowbird over the winter, you need to be able to pack enough stuff to fully live and enjoy life.

You Get a Big, Picture Window

Surprisingly, the expansive windshield is another advantage to a Class A motorhome; while the windshield can get hot when it’s facing south or west, it also gives you a fabulous view. Imagine you’re parked in the Sonoran desert or along the Florida coast, with a picture window view of nature. Isn’t that why you want to RV, to really experience the beauty of nature?

The large windshield on a Class A also gives you superior visibility while driving. You’ll have a clear view to the left, right and straight ahead.

Class As are Generally Higher Quality

While Class A motorhomes do come in a wide range of styles and prices, they’re often considered to be higher quality compared to other types of RVs.

That higher quality includes a nicer kitchen; if you’re planning to live in your RV full-time, you should have a full-size refrigerator and stove, as well as plenty of kitchen cabinet space.

Also, since many would-be RVers shy away from Class A motorhomes, instead choosing a Class B or C, you can often get a good deal on a better quality, used Class A.

One common quality issue, is that Class C motorhomes are notorious for developing cab-over leaks and other problems; this is not a problem with a Class A.

Another issue related to quality, compared to a Class C or B motorhome, a Class A is more likely to be equipped with automatic levelers. That means you can simply push a button to get level, and you won’t have to drive your rig up on blocks.

Finally, Class As are equipped with built-in generators; while Class C’s and B’s may also come with a built-in generator, the same can’t be said for a trailer.

A Diesel Class A is a Powerful Rig

A diesel-pusher Class A motorhome is also a very powerful vehicle, that will also get you over the steep mountain grades out West with ease. Also, if you’re towing a car or a boat, a diesel pusher will do that without a problem. Finally, diesel engines are known to better gas mileage and have a longer life compared to a gas engine.

Driving a Class A is Easier Than You Think

Many people will choose a Class B or a Class C motorhome, because they feel more comfortable driving a van; that’s even true of those who choose a Class C with a comparable length to a smaller Class A.

However, a Class A isn’t as hard to drive as you may think. That’s especially true if you choose a smaller one. It’s just a matter of getting used to driving it. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you adapt to driving a “big rig.”

If you are planning on spending the winter RVing, you should definitely consider going in style and comfort, with a Class A motorhome.

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