The Little Unusual Extras for RV DIY You Should Carry


When you’re on the road, little things can go wrong, and you might not be able to find the simple RV parts you need to do simple RV repairs. Below are a few of the items that can break, and are not stocked at Walmart, and may only be found at an RV store. It’s a good idea to keep extras on hand!

The Pull Handles on Your Sewer Tanks

RV manufacturers use the plastic handles, and over the years, they will eventually fail. If you have an older RV, these plastic handles can unexpectedly break, and you may not be able to find an alternative at Home Depot that will fit the threads. It’s recommended to replace the plastic handles with metal, and to buy an extra, in case the other handle breaks.

The Over Head Cabinet Door Hinges

If one of those hinges breaks, and they do, you will not be able to find a replacement at Walmart or Home Depot. (BTW the are technically called “door struts”, not hinges.) Life will be difficult when you always need one hand to hold the door open, while you root around for what you need with the other. It’s highly recommended to keep at least two of these on hand, for when one of your over head hinges unexpectedly pops.

The Screen Door Latch

Your screen door latch is activated by a tiny, little spring, which will break when you least expect it, leaving you with a screen door that can not be closed. Once again, it’s unlikely you will find an RV screen door latch at Walmart, or a hardware store. If you need to buy one, go ahead and buy two! Keep in mind, these come in both right or left handed, so know which one you need.

The Sewer Hose

If your sewer hose develops a small hole near either end, you can trim it back with an box knife, and clip the wire with a wire clippers, then reattach it to your fittings. But if the hole develops in the middle of your sewer hose, you’ll need a new one. It is a good idea to inspect your sewer hose regularly for small pin holes; a small pin hole can suddenly cause you sewer hose to burst at the worst time! Carry an extra sewer hose, just in case something bad happens!

A Retractable Dog Leash

This is not specifically RV related, but if you use a retractable dog leash, you may want to keep an extra on hand, especially if you RV full time, and frequent rural areas. They can fail unexpectedly. Of course, you can also keep a regular leash on hand, but if you and your dog are used to walking with a retractable leash, a regular 6′ leash can make for an uncomfortable walk.

Extra Batteries, Especially AAs

This is another non-RV specific item, but if you run out of the batteries you need, it can suck, and buying batteries at a gas station can be expensive. So it’s a good idea to keep well stocked on all the different types of batteries you need, especially AAs.

This is my list of the little RV DIY extras I like to keep on hand, but I encourage you to look around your rig, and consider the things that might break unexpectedly, and would be a specialty item that you would not be able to easily find on the road.

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