Tips for Choosing the Perfect Off Grid Home or Bug Out Location

off grid bug out location

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The perfect off the grid location is not one-size-fits-all, especially if you are working on a small budget. Price and affordability is probably the most important issue for most of us.

Find an area where the land is very affordable, but not many people have discovered it yet.

Buy land with good potential for solar and wind energy.

Find a location with a mild climate, especially in winter; you don’t want to find yourself in a remote location, unable to get out due to heavy snow, or difficulty keeping warm if your supplies run low.

Buy land which is bordering BLM land or national parks. These locations will have less pollution, and possibly more natural resources.

Find a location with a low population, but not too far from a town with adequate shopping for supplies.

Choose a place that you find beautiful! Not too hot in the summer, and not too cold in the winter, with a view you can enjoy every day.


Water: No creature on Earth can live without water, and that includes you. You’ll need a nearby water source, such as a river, stream, lake, pond, or spring. Land close to such natural resources is usually not cheap, and may not even have water rights. Or you’ll need to find a property with a well, or dig a well, which can be costly. You can collect rainwater, but you’ll need to install a large tank. For all water sources, you will need a way to purify it of contaminants and bacteria.

Food: We need to eat to live; look for an area that in an emergency situation, you can hunt wild game, and gather local plants for food. Also, choose land the lends itself to growing your own food.

Shelter: Check local building and zoning codes; make sure you can legally build your off-grid cabin or tiny house. Choose a location with adequate sun for solar panels, or that you can set up wind turbines.

The land you choose must have water, be relatively close to town for supplies, but far enough away to be safe in a social disaster. You should be able to grow your own food and have game to hunt or fish. And you should love living there, so also choose for beauty!

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