Typical Wattage of Common Appliances

RV solar

If you plan on going solar with your RV, it is vital to get a handle on how much power you will use, and how you could reduce the drain on your batteries and solar system. Below is a chart of common appliances and equipment that may be onboard your motorhome, 5th wheel or trailer.


Blender/Food Processor – 400W
Portable Vacuum – 500W
Mini-Refrigerator – 600W
Coffee Maker – 1000W
Fan – 20W
Toaster – 1000W
Electric Blanket – 200W
Electric Heater – 2000W
Microwave – 1000W

Audio/Video Equipment

Video Game System – 30W
2 amp Stereo Amplifier – 250W
13″ Color TV – 80W
19″ Color TV – 160W
25″ Color TV – 220W

Office Equipment

Laptop Computer – 120W
Printer – 40W
Fax Machine – 120W
Desktop Computer – 250W
14″ Color Monitor – 125W

Battery Chargers

Laptop Charger – 25W
Cellphone/Tablet Charger – 25W

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