Wall Mounted Solar Lighting for Your RV

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Single solar lighting has joined solar panels on your roof as a popular solar option. Wall-mounted solar lighting is a particular solar solution RVers are turning to save on battery power.

Wall Mounted Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is the new way to light up your home or RV. While you have many choices to illuminate your RV, the most economical and ecologically sound is to use solar power. Even if you don’t want to use solar to run your entire motorhome, you can still lower your energy use  by using wall mounted solar lighting.

When choosing solar lighting, you have a few options. Electric lights may seem like the logical choice, but they can require a lot of power. Battery-powered lighting doesn’t need cords, but they can be more expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Wall-mounted solar lighting is an excellent choice for the motorhome owner who doesn’t want to hassle with drained batteries.

The solar cells built into solar lighting are strong enough to obtain a charge even on cloudy days. However, that charge will be less than what you would get on a sunny day. The solar cell can obtain enough solar energy on a sunny day to run the wall mounted lighting for eight hours at night. Many models also turn on automatically when the sun goes down. This makes them even better for safety and convenience. The LED bulbs can last for many years without replacement. Using solar energy insures that your batteries won’t drain overnight. Weather-resistant materials, which are used in most wall-mounted products, also ensure that the lamps will have a long life.

If you are choosing wall mounted solar lighting for your RV, or even if you just need them for safety, this is a perfect choice. You can save your batteries, and you can also feel good about your contribution to the environment. Even a small use of solar cuts down on battery usage, so choosing this type of lighting should make you feel good. If nothing else, it will also cut your electric use and every little bit helps these days.

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