When Boondockers Finally Go to an RV Park

RV boondocking RV park

Every once in a while, even hardcore boondockers pull out their wallets and check into an RV park. On these rare occasions, it’s important to make the most of it.

So, let’s go over a list of things to do when boondockers go to an RV park. These are just a few ideas. We’d suggest making a list of all the things you want to accomplish and crossing off each task as it’s completed.

Laundry and More Laundry

Take the opportunity to wash everything that needs washing. Sheets, towels, clothes, throw rugs, dog bedding, everything. If the laundry room doesn’t have a change machine, you can probably get quarters at the office. If they don’t have quarters, see if there is a bank in town, and get a few rolls.

Wash the Rig

All that time out in the boonies means your rig is, at best, covered in dust. Worse, it’s absolutely filthy. Now is the time to give the rig a good washing. If it’s really dirty, go over it first with an ordinary car wash, then go over it with RV Wash & Wax. But, if it’s just dusty, simply go with RV Wash & Wax. Also, if the RV Park has rules against washing rigs get up at the crack of dawn and do it. Finally, don’t forget to go up on the roof to wash your solar panels.

Give the Inside a Good Cleaning

While you have an unlimited supply of water, give everything inside a good cleaning, like the sinks, shower, windows, and floor. Time out in the boonies means it gets dusty inside too.

Get a Project Done

Redo your cabinets, upgrade your solar, schedule an appointment with a mobile RV mechanic. Now is a good time to get projects done, while you have an unlimited supply of electricity.

Have Mail Forwarded

It’s best to have your mail forwarded general delivery to the post office. Not every RV park will accept mail. Also, keep in mind, the post office can be slooow. It often can take up to 10 days for general delivery, so call your mail forwarding service a week before you plan to arrive.

Cook and Bake

Since you have an unlimited supply of water to clean up, cook meats, and put portions in the freezer. Also, take the opportunity to bake whatever it is you want to bake. Now is the time to cook up things that require a lot of clean-up, and freeze.

Shopping Runs

Now is a good time to stock up on what you need. Groceries, new clothes, tools, whatever you need. This is especially true if the town has a Ross or Marshall’s, where you can get better quality clothes compared to Walmart.

Thrift Store Run

Take the time to sort through your stuff and lighten the load. Bring what you don’t need to the local thrift store.

Take the Dog to the Groomer

If there is a dog groomer in town, take your four-legged friend for a nail clipping or haircut. You never know when you’ll have another good opportunity to do so.

Clean Out the Black Tank

When you first pull in, dump the tanks. But, the evening before you leave, take your extra hose or a tank wand (NOT YOUR FRESH WATER HOSE) and put it down the toilet and fill up the black tank. Let it sit overnight, dump in the morning. You can even fill it up a second time, and dump it again. That should get rid of any lingering toilet paper and poop.

Fill Up on Fresh Water

Fill up your main fresh water tank, and any auxiliary tanks you have. Once that’s done, it’s time to hit the road again. Safe Travels!

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